Chocolate pairings with tea and more aboard Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises introduces a new series of exquisite chocolate offerings within the line’s exclusive “Chocolate Journeys” experience. In partnership with internationally acclaimed master chocolatier and pastry designer Chef Norman Love, the new chocolate offerings allow guests to indulge in even more deliciously rich experiences including custom-crafted signature desserts in new venues throughout the ship, chocolate pairings with tea and more.

Trained in France, and the former executive pastry chef of Ritz-Carlton, Chef Norman Love’s creations blend premium quality chocolate, unique flavors and artful designs, applauded by all chocolate lovers.

“Without a doubt, chocolate is everyone’s guilty pleasure,” said Love. “These new chocolate creations give guests even more opportunities to indulge in something that makes them instantly happy, while creating lifelong memories aboard Princess Cruises.”

Chef norman loveThe new “Chocolate Journeys” offerings, rolling out fleetwide in early 2016, include:

•             International Café Treats* – Each day in the International Café, a chocolate treat designed by Chef Love will be featured, from milk chocolate mousse, caramel and chocolate flan to peanut butter chocolate tarts and milk chocolate Chantilly éclairs.

•             Horizon Court Breakfast Items – Throughout the voyage, savory breakfast items featuring touches of premium chocolate will be offered, such as chocolate muffins, Bretons, puff pastry and Danishes.

•             Horizon Court Evening Treats – Each evening, a delicious new chocolate cake will be served so guests can sample a new flavor each night.

•             Afternoon Tea – Offered during the line’s popular afternoon tea, guests will be treated to scrumptious chocolate bites designed by Chef Love, paired with a selection of flavorful teas and other traditional afternoon tea fare.

•             Chocolate Soufflé – Available on select evenings during the voyage, the main dining room dessert menu will feature a new signature Chocolate Soufflé, developed in partnership with Chef Love.

•             Chocolate Cookie – Chef Love unveils his unique recipes for delicious premium Chocolate Journeys cookies, found in select locations around the cruise ship, including the International Café and Movies Under the Stars.

*Nominal charge applies for certain items.

chocolate journey findingsThis year’s findings include:

•             Chocolate Lovers Anonymous – With more than half (51 percent) of Americans admitting to a chocolate addiction, it may not come as a surprise that more than two-thirds (68 percent) of the population admit to indulging nearly every week.

•             What Turns Her On? – Among a list of traditional aphrodisiacs, not surprising that chocolate is still No.1 with 49 percent of adults considering it an aphrodisiac. In fact, 62 percent of women would be more impressed by her man baking a chocolate cake than changing a tire. However, while it may be the universal language of love, it may work too well as almost two-thirds (70 percent) of women would still choose chocolate over sex as their afternoon “delight.”

•             Men Love Chocolate, Too! – Both men and women covet the cocoa – 83 percent of Americans think that men like chocolate just as much as women – and that includes 82 percent of men.

•             Chocolate Fantasies – When asked which celebrity they’d like to drizzle chocolate on, 41 percent of women chose Adam Levine while 46 percent of men selected Scarlett Johansson.

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