Majestic Princess at Sydney

Princess Cruises Ship with COVID-19 Passengers Docks in Australia

The Majestic Princess carrying around 800 COVID-19-positive passengers docked in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

The cruise ship which is carrying approximately 4,600 passengers and crew, returned from New Zealand after a 12-day cruise, with about 20% of them suffering from COVID-19 infections.

“800 people are confirmed COVID-19 cases, with the majority of them are passengers, the broadcaster reported, citing Marguerite Fitzgerald, president of the leisure company Carnival Australia.

She added that the majority of them have mild symptoms and have been isolated in their cabins.

The authorities allowed coronavirus-positive passengers to disembark the ship following their arrival and advised them not to take public transportation home, according to the broadcaster.

“We are working with all guests who have tested positive for COVID-19 to assist them with accessing private transport and accommodation to complete their isolation period,” Fitzgerald said.

New South Wales state is already facing a new wave of COVID-19, with 974 patients in hospitals and over 7,000 cases reported this week.

Source: AA

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