World Medical Congress

Abu Dhabi hosts World Medical Congress this month

Hosted buyers, expert speakers, Ministers of Health, and hundreds of other healthcare executives will travel to Abu Dhabi as delegates to the 12th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMTC). The Congress, which hopes to address many of the challenges surrounding the medical tourism field, will take place from Oct. 15-17.

This year’s meeting of the WMTC is a bold new direction for the world’s fastest-growing meeting of healthcare innovators and disruptors. Leaders from every corner of the industry will meet in beautiful Abu Dhabi, where specially hosted buyers will take a private tour of the Emirate’s burgeoning medical scene on Oct. 15. The first day will also feature a Ministerial Summit on medical tourism and population health management, as well as an all-day workshop event for industry insiders who wish to become a Certified Medical Travel Professional.

The final two days of the Congress will feature keynotes and three educational session tracks. A deep program of more than 100 speakers will join the Congress in Abu Dhabi to share stories and perspectives that reveal trade secrets, unseen challenges, and the future of the industry.

Accordingly, the three-day event is an incredible opportunity to pick up new business leads and network with some of the world’s best healthcare contacts.

Now in its 12th year of hosting the WMTC, the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) believes that October’s event will be its most exclusive and unrivaled conference yet.

“One of our main goals for this year’s Congress is to bring together an exclusive group of industry leaders that are rarely, if ever, all in the same place,” said Jonathan Edelheit, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Medical Tourism Association and WMTC Abu Dhabi. “By putting insurance providers, government officials, hospital executives, and industry facilitators all in the same room at the same time, we’re creating an invaluable atmosphere of insider secrets and international collaboration.”

Edelheit is particularly excited for the Buyer’s Program, as well as the collection of Speakers.

“With the more than 100 speakers and 100 hosted buyers of healthcare that we’re flying in from around the world, this truly will be an unrivaled event that the industry has not seen before,” Edelheit said.

In past years, the MTA has brought some of the most renowned experts from around the world to share how they are disrupting healthcare, population health management, and the management and prevention of chronic diseases and conditions. This year’s audience will include Ministers of Health, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, and industry leaders from more than 90 countries. Representatives from Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Human Longevity Inc, Bupa Arabia, Axa, and dozens of more organizations will be in attendance to share their innovative strategies in a globalized, 21st-century market.

The Congressional array of speakers is impressive on its own, but travelers who purchase the Networking Pass will have additional access to other guests. An exclusive web/mobile app allows pass-holders to view the full list of attendees – including both speakers and buyers – in order to pre-schedule meetings directly in the Congressional Networking Hall. Future-focused professionals will be able to make new contacts, create new partnerships, and expand their enterprises.

The MTA believes that a Networking Pass (or a Premium Pass) is the best way to get the most out of the long lineup of Buyers and Speakers.

“We believe the WMTC is home to some of the most brilliant medical innovators on Earth, but we want this event to be a great networking opportunity for industrious businesses and governments, too,” Edelheit said. “Securing a Network Pass and gaining access to our VIP Lounges and our Networking Application is the fastest and most effective way to do that.”

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