Aman Launches SVA

Aman Launches A New Brand: SVA

Aman, a hotel brand with wellness at its heart, today marks the arrival of a new brand: SVA.

Following the success of Aman Skincare, the new SVA brand will offer a range of holistic formulas and supplements developed to aid in maintaining optimum heajth in a modern and frenetic world.

Created with high-quality all-natural ingredients, the name SVA has been derived from the Sanskrit word for health, svasthya, which signifies the universal wisdom of staying (stha) true to one’s own self (sva). Combining traditional knowledge with contemporary science and nutrition, SVA responds to those seeking Aman’s on-property equilibrium in everyday life.

Both natural and sustainable, SVA formulas (which are a combination of granules, capsules and tonics) can help to support immunity, digestion, circulation and to sustain a healthy mind. A total of 19 products have been formed in three ranges; (1) Chinese Herbal Formulas (2) Micronutrient Supplements and (3) Botanical Tonics. Each unique SVA product range draws from the study of herbal medicine, is gluten-free, plant based and most importantly, can be easily integrated into the daily routine. SVA Chinese Herbal Formulas and Micronutrient Supplements are the first ranges to launch, with Botanical Tonics following later this year. Exclusive to SVA, the brand’s signature product, Respiratory Support has been uniquely developed to help stimulate the respiratory system, which is particularly important when exposed to colds and flu.

Yuki Kiyono, Aman’s Group Director of Spa Operations commented on the arrival of the new brand; At Aman we have always believed that by listening closely to the needs of our body and mind, we can achieve wellness from within. Through self-awareness and understanding, we can live a better, more balanced life. While our Wellness Immersions and spa treatments have always followed this mantra, the arrival of SVA provides an exciting expansion, taking a more proactive approach to nutrition, where our guests can support their wellness journey from home.”

SVA products will also enhance Wellness Immersions at Aman’s hotels and resorts via integration into upcoming retreats such as Amangiri’s Sleep and Immune Retreats and future programmes at Aman Tokyo and Amanpuri.

Chinese Herbal Formulas

While there are many established ancient remedies, SVA’s range of seven Chinese Herbal Formulas uses carefully selected herbs, inspired by the long history and fundamentals of these traditional medicines. Where ancient Chinese medicine theory states that imbalance within the body causes symptoms, SVA Chinese Herbal Formulas target the imbalanced elements and organs in order to support their positive function.

A hero formula, Respiratory Support has been designed to help maintain a healthy respiratory system in times of seasonal stress, when the immune system needs a boost. Meanwhile, six further classic formulas based on ancient Chinese remedies complete the range. Formulas Balance, Vitality, Uplift and Calm are accompanied by Immune Support which targets the lungs, using ingredients that fortify their normal function, where stimulation in turn helps to rebalance the immune system and Nourish, which supports the digestive system by targeting and stimulating the spleen in order to restore balance in the body’s everyday function.

Each Chinese Herbal Formula uses vegan ingredients, from the Ziziphus Jujbe Fruit found in China’s warmer provinces, such as Shadong and Henan, to Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root, one of the fundamental ancient herbs found in provinces further north. Having played an integral role in many of Aman’s wellness journeys for several years, the use of ancient Chinese medicine has many benefits. Not only is it a completely natural practice, the formulas are easily digested, aligning with Aman’s philosophy of integrating the body and mind safely.

Micronutrient Supplements

Created in partnership with industry leader Biogena, SVA Micronutrient Supplements are crafted with high-quality raw ingredients and are completely free of technological additives, providing essential vitamins and nutrients to help support everyday mind and body functions. Their easily administrable capsule form makes them well-suited to those with a busy lifestyle who wish to supplement their daily approach to wellness.

Six Micronutrient Supplements complete the range. Digestion helps maintain enzyme function for the gastrointestinal system; Heart & Brain Function supports physical and cognitive performance and Immune Defence uses an astaxanthin and vitamin complex to help support the immune system’s defences. Liver Detox has been blended to support the liver’s natural detoxifying function while Relax & Sleep focuses on maintaining emotional wellbeing and Resilience provides a vitamin and mineral complex with ubiquinol to help maintain healthy bodily functions during times of increased stress. While SVA Micronutrient Supplements take a contemporary scientific approach, their natural composition and sustainable production mirrors the Aman pathway to wellness, developed for today.

By combining teachings from traditional herbal treatments with scientific knowledge, western medicine and years of research at Aman’s resorts and spas, SVA brings to market a range of supplements blended with care to help maintain a healthy body and mind. In true Aman style, every SVA product will be discreetly packaged in sustainable glass bottles with a subtle yet sleek monochrome design. Taking a clean and contemporary approach, each product brings the tradition of plant-based remedies into the modern world.

Chinese Herbal Formulas and Micronutrient Supplements are available online now at and will be available at Aman Spas, subject to restrictions.

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