Free Aromatherapy Workshops

Banyan Tree Samui Offers Free Aromatherapy Workshops

The luxury beachfront resort, Banyan Tree Samui, has been a frontrunner in offering holistic experiences to its visitors. With its division of 88 pool villas dedicated to “Wellbeing Sanctuary” guests, the resort has now further augmented its list of health-centric offerings.

Recently, the resort which touts itself as the “Sanctuary for the Senses,” introduced complimentary aromatherapy workshops. Held twice weekly, these sessions are designed to immerse guests in the traditional art of aromatherapy.

Drawing from the tropical landscapes that surround the resort and its acclaimed private beach, Banyan Tree Samui sources many of the aromatic ingredients from local markets. These extracts from plants, which include flowers, twigs, seeds, and more, undergo processes like expression or steam distillation to produce aromatic oils. These oils are renowned for their therapeutic properties. The only additional ingredients involved are distilled water and ethyl alcohol.

An engaging feature of these workshops is the choice it offers its attendees. Held at Banyan Tree Gallery Samui, participants can select which essential oils they wish to create. The options range from cedarwood, rosemary to lavender and pine, among others.

Guests’ experience doesn’t end with the workshop. Each villa at the resort provides oil burners and incense, with a daily rotation of fragrances, making each night unique. For instance, Mondays see a blend of lemongrass essential oil and rose incense sticks, setting an ambiance of romance.

A highlight of Banyan Tree’s offerings is their emphasis on sleep therapy, a vital component of their “8-Pillar” philosophy and the Wellbeing Sanctuary programme. And what better way to drift into a peaceful slumber than with the soothing power of aromatherapy?

Moreover, the resort also features a ‘Sense of Nature Walk’, offering guests guided tours of the expansive 38-acre property. Here, they can learn about the tropical flora and fauna, further cementing Banyan Tree Samui’s commitment to nature.

The resort’s devotion to sustainability hasn’t gone unnoticed. It proudly stands as the first hotel in Thailand to be granted a Gold Certification by EarthCheck, an international industry watchdog dedicated to eco-friendliness and sustainability.

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