Perennial Alzheimer’s Care Village Xi’an

China’s First Alzheimer’s Care-Focused Integrated Healthcare Development

Perennial Holdings Private Limited unveiled plans for Perennial Alzheimer’s Care Village Xi’an (PACVX), China’s first Alzheimer’s care-focused integrated healthcare development comprising the country’s largest Dementia Care Home (DCH), which is located within the Zhouzhi Louguan Eco Cultural Tourism Resort Zone in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.

A Kick-off Ceremony was held yesterday (25 July) to officially mark the start of the works. The total investment cost for PACVX is estimated to be RMB128 million.

PACVX is positioned as a one-stop healthcare development offering holistic and personalised care for seniors with dementia in China, particularly those with Alzheimer’s disease. The development’s total land area spans approximately 43,000 square metres (“sqm”) and is surrounded by beautiful lakes, gardens, mountains and cultural attractions. The leased site with existing buildings measuring over 38,000 sqm in total gross floor area, will be converted to house a DCH with over 400 beds, the largest1 dementia care facility in the country, a nursing care hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, and an international eldercare research institute. PACVX is approximately an 80-minute drive from the Xi’an city centre. DCH is expected to commence operations in 2023, followed progressively by the other components. When fully completed, PACVX will house a total of close to 700 beds. 

Dr. Khoo Chow Huat, Chief Executive Officer (Healthcare) of Perennial, said: “Eldercare and senior housing is one of Perennial’s core healthcare business segments in China. Our relentless focus has been on the seamless integration of eldercare and medical care as well as western and traditional Chinese medicine to better meet the needs of seniors. We are delighted to establish PACVX as China’s first Alzheimer’s care-focused integrated healthcare development comprising the country’s largest1 DCH. PACVX, with its geographically-endowed scenic setting, specially designed spaces to allow Alzheimer’s residents to live in normalcy in a protected environment, dedicated Alzheimer’s multidisciplinary team of medical
professionals, and multi-tiered inclusive community support, is expected to raise the bar for Alzheimer’s care in the country. It will also expand Perennial’s eldercare business lines and further strengthen our position as a comprehensive healthcare services owner, operator and manager in China.”

In 2020, China already has more than 15 million2 seniors (aged 60 and above) suffering from dementia, in addition to over 38 million2 seniors (aged 60 and above) struggling with mild cognitive impairment. 

According to the China Research for Aging, by 2050, the number of seniors (aged 60 and above) with dementia will reach close to 29 million3 in the country. The shortage of available dementia care facilities will become increasingly prominent. China’s national dementia plan4, which had been launched as part of the Action Plan for Healthy China 2030, also highlighted the importance and urgency of dementia care in the country.

Leading a ‘Normal Life’ in a Protected Environment

At DCH, elderly with mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease can live a ‘normal’ life by wandering the grounds unaccompanied, socialise with fellow residents, participate in a game of mahjong and even take up hobbies such as painting, calligraphy, or gardening. Communal spaces will also be designed to incorporate familiar places which residents may visit on a daily basis, such as a supermarket, grocery store, or a post office. The specially curated spaces will incorporate sights and events that reminisce their younger days. 

In addition, PACVX’s caregivers will take on various roles, posing as attendants of the grocery store, post office clerks or neighbours to instil normalcy while looking out for residents.

Multi-disciplinary Care Approach

Besides caregivers, residents will be cared for by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team made up of neurologists, geriatricians, rehabilitation therapists, traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) physicians, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and nurses. Based on individual needs, the team will customise a care plan that will incorporate a combination of therapies such as sensory stimulations and TCM to slow down the progression of the condition. As part of a continuous care programme, should residents progress into the late-stage of the condition and become bedridden or wheelchair-bound, they will have the option of transferring from the DCH to the nursing care hospital with round-the-clock care and support.

Multi-tiered Inclusive Community Support

Going beyond providing a safe environment with tailored Alzheimer’s care programmes, PACVX offers residents inclusive community living through multiple levels of support. This includes facilitating friendships and interaction between residents through social activities and workshops and fostering family involvement in its care programmes to ensure residents are aware that they remain loved and cared for by family members. In addition, PACVX will also actively partner the community to raise awareness among the general public and encourage volunteerism to minimise stigma and contribute to the residents’ overall well-being and quality of life.

Perennial’s Healthcare Business in China

As a healthcare services owner, operator and manager in China, Perennial strategically focuses on three main business segments: Hospitals and Medical Centres, Healthcare Hubs as well as Eldercare and Senior Housing. With PACVX, Perennial will have close to 50 healthcare and eldercare facilities with approximately 11,000 operating beds and a committed pipeline of over 4,000 beds across more than 10 cities in China. These healthcare developments include 30 Renshoutang eldercare facilities. Renshoutang, one of China’s most established pioneers in private integrated eldercare, is Perennial’s eldercare and senior housing business arm with a portfolio comprising eldercare and nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, western and TCM clinics and pharmacies.

Perennial’s healthcare-centric real estate portfolio also comprises large-scale High Speed Railway (“HSR”) integrated developments in key China cities, namely Chengdu East HSR Integrated Development, Perennial Xi’an North HSR International Healthcare and Business City, Perennial Tianjin South HSR International Healthcare and Business City and Perennial Kunming South HSR International Healthcare and Business City.

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