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Germany to Tighten COVID Travel Rules from Fall 2022

Germany will reintroduce COVID-19 rules starting from Fall 2022 and continue till the end of winter 2023 seasons, according to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Cabinet.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Cabinet approved legislation Wednesday that travelers will be required to wear N95-type face masks during all long-distance travel by train and bus as well as on planes.

In addition to the mandatory use of N95-type masks during long-distance travel, the new measures, which will apply from Oct. 1 to April 7, will also include a nationwide obligation to wear masks in and test before accessing hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions with vulnerable people.

Germany’s 16 states will have the authority to adopt their own rules depending on how severely the virus affects their areas. State governments could decide to require masks on local public transportation, in schools for students in the fifth grade and up, and at public indoor events. If the virus spreads widely again, the number of people at public events can be limited and testing can be demanded, ABC News reported.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann and Health Minister Karl Lauterbach told reporters that there would be no more lockdowns or school closures no matter how the pandemic develops during cold-weather seasons.

The new regulations still need to go to Germany’s lower and upper house of parliament for approval, but they are expected to pass.

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