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Grow With Six Senses Immerses Young Guests Into the Six Dimensions of Wellness at Six Senses Zighy Bay

Six Senses Zighy Bay is taking its little guests on an incredible experience that will unquestionably enrich their six dimensions of learning. As Grow With Six Senses, the program for kids, comes into its own, parents now can plan their holiday knowing their little ones will be entertained in the most holistic, enriching and fun-filled ways and in touch with nature.

The resort is a refuge for both mind and soul, but well-being is not just for grownups. Featuring an array of activities that suit adults and children alike, there is a subtle educational element that helps younger guests grow socially, spiritually, environmentally, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Children will learn through interacting with animals and plants at Six Senses Zighy Bay’s own farm and organic garden. Housing baby goats, camels, chickens, cows and much more, children can collect their own breakfast food when visiting the farm in Dibba. They can learn about how the resort cares for these animals as well as see and learn about the different kinds of produce growing there. The flora has another purpose too, feeding those very animals. The famous Zighy goats that live in the bay and the beloved family of camels love to eat the leaves and branches of the plants and trees around the beach and the mountain. The stone apple leaves and fruit, the branches and leaves of the neem tree and so many others are included in their favorite treats.

Among the stony and palm-shaded pathways of the resort, guests can head to the organic garden and learn about the different herbs and their benefits. From seeing how to reclaim the seeds of different fruits and vegetables to sowing those seeds, and caring for plants, every step in a plant’s life goes home with the little ones; they get to explore the garden and get their hands dirty. Budding chefs can learn how to prepare their own healthy food, and also understand the correct meaning of organic and how to shop for the right food for them and the environment. Both the farm and the garden teach them about the different ingredients, understand their nutritional benefits and learn how to use them in their diet.

An interactive session can be arranged at Earth Lab, where kids and parents can learn about recycling and upcycling, they can even then take their experiments and handiwork back home as mementos. Kids can explore how to make soap at home with different herbs and botanicals and what each ingredient can do for them. They can also go to the Alchemy Bar and create fun products that are organic and sustainable to use on themselves; such as scrubs, and masks. And while they’re at the spa maybe even enrich their souls through animal yoga poses surrounded by nature’s music.

Water babies can enjoy exploring the underwater residents when snorkeling in the calm Gulf of Oman and find out a whole lot more with the resident marine biologist. They will learn about ocean clean-ups and how harmful human waste can be to marine life especially the friendly sea turtles and manta rays in the gulf. For those a bit more adventurous, the family can even experience diving and get up close and personal with some of the rich underwater fauna of the region.

All Six Senses Zighy Bay accommodations are built from natural stone and warm woods, the traditional Omani villas reflect an enclave where families can unwind in the cool indoors under high indigenous-style ceilings, in the colorfully cushioned living area and on the cloudlike bed made with unbleached cotton sheets topped with guest’s choice of ergonomic pillows.

Six Senses Zighy Bay offers families the opportunity to go out and explore the farm, the peninsula and other sustinablity activities with the Zighy Family Adventure package. Cruise around over the emerald waters of the Gulf of Oman in a traditional dhow, take a trip down to the farm to meet the resort’s lovely animals, have a lot of fun experimenting in the Earth Lab and learn about the wonders of the underwater marine life with the resort’s marine biologist with all of those experiences included in the activity package for USD 310++ (OMR 120) per adult and USD 130++ (OMR 50) per child, aged 12 years old or younger. This offer is valid until June 10, 2019.

All activities promise to be just as fun for parents as they are for children. For booking and reservation, please email [email protected] or call +968 2673 5555.

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