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How to Find a Doctor Abroad?


If we are not in our home County/State, we can feel uneasy about seeking medical help; if you are in a different country, panic and uncertainty can kick in, especially if there is a language barrier.

More often than not, help won’t be far away, and reassurance can be just around the corner. We explore some guidance advice and handy tips if the worst happens and you need to find a doctor when away from home, whether it is an inquiry on how to find NC medical marijuana doctors or a full-scale medical emergency. The uncertainty we experience is not because the process is any different, just that our surroundings are unfamiliar. Our instincts may not come as naturally if we out of our comfort zones. So what can we do?

Keep your composure

Remain calm, think logically, and take a moment to assess the situation. If you are flustered or in a panic, you won’t be thinking straight and are more likely to make a rash decision. This won’t help any anxiety build up and certainly won’t benefit from any medical treatment or advice you may require. Doctors study and train for treating foreign patients and will have rehearsed situations like this. It will be more familiar to them than you, but you must trust them to have your best interests at heart. 

Do the basics upon arrival.

If you are in any way concerned about the need for medical assistance or worried about an ongoing condition that may flare up whilst you are away from home, then it is a good idea to research it beforehand. If you haven’t done this, ensure that it is a priority when you first arrive. If you don’t, then you will waste valuable time where you could be enjoying yourself with this on your mind. Cover the basics and formulate a plan for the worst-case scenario, inform whoever you are travelling with and if alone, maybe tell the accommodation staff of your individual requirements to be safe. 

Where to look?

There may be some information available from your travel provider, but if not, a search engine or local directory will be valuable sources of information. They will be able to find English-speaking doctors within your location that you can rely on for advice or in an emergency. Alternatively, government sources would be a reliable option for foreign healthcare information. The European Union, Disease Control Centers, and Foreign Embassies can provide doctors, nurses, hospitals, and clinics with details to help you and ease your concerns. 


For the ultimate peace of mind and to forget about any concerns of cost, get your holiday insurance cover in order. The appropriate level of travel cover means you won’t be surprised by any unwanted bills or financial hold-ups in an emergency or an unforeseen medical event when abroad. Many countries also require foreigners to carry proof of adequate health insurance for entry into the country, making sense to sort out an insurance plan in advance.

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