Traveler stay fit and healthy while traveling

How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

Because there’s an increasing number of people traveling more often, for both pleasure and business, the worry about how to maintain wellness and health regime while traveling is a real issue. The lack of sleep, the long and tiring hours in and out of airports, and the stress of travel can be straining on our mental health and immune systems.

For this reason, many people are seeking for solutions on how to stay fit while traveling. The good news is that there are plenty of tricks to maintaining your physique. But keep in mind that it has a lot to do with how much you want to stay fit.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some effective ways to stay in shape while traveling. Read on to know more!

Bring High-protein Travel Snacks

Indeed, traveling can make it difficult for you to stick to your diet. When you are home, you have access to your fridge and stove. Thus, planning a high-protein meal is uncomplicated. If you take out these appliances, you’ll feel like you do not stand a single chance at sticking to your clean-eating diet.

However, don’t worry, because all it takes is some planning. There are some high-protein snacks that you can bring on your travel. For example, you can bring protein bars, beef jerky, roasted edamame, or protein powder. Read online review sites such as to know what high-protein snacks you can bring.

Do Some Simple Travel Workouts

It can seem like you’re predestined to remain inactive until you get back home since you have no access to your gym. But don’t fear! There are simple workouts that you can do at any time and anywhere.

The first workout is called the twenty-minute hotel room exercise. So, within twenty minutes, you can do bodyweight squats (20 repetitions), incline push-ups (15 repetitions), one-arm luggage rows (10 repetitions), and reverse crunches (10 repetitions).

Another exercise that you can do is the angry-birds workout. You can do 30 reps bodyweight squats, 20 reps push-ups, 30 reps one-arm rows, and 60 seconds planks.

Do Yoga

No doubt, we love to visit new places for many reasons, perhaps you want to relax, take a break from your inbox, or explore different cultures. These reasons are only a few. One thing that travelers don’t especially like is to feel cramped and sandwiched on road trips, train rides, or long flights.

The good news is that there are many ways to counteract all of these sittings. It is through following some yoga poses. Keep in mind that doing yoga helps open up hip flexors, relieve an achy back, and more while you are on the go.

What’s more, you do not need any special equipment to perform these moves or poses anywhere your travels bring you. Some of the yoga poses you can do on the road includes half-dog, chair pose, standard hip opener, and tree pose.

For the half-dog pose, you just need to place your fingertips on the wall, ensure it’s at hip-height. Then, put your feet back and incline your body downward until your legs and torso create a ninety-degree angle with the floor.

For the chair pose, you need to bring your feet hip-width apart or together. Sit in an imaginary chair, keep your back straight, and reach your tailbone toward the floor. Reach your hands toward the ceiling.

For the standard hip opener pose, stand at least two feet away from a chair. Flex one leg and behind you, reach the top of your foot. Lastly, for the tree pose, plant one foot securely on the floor and reach out to your other foot.


You may be thinking that you make time for sleep when you’re at home. Thus, why would you spend your precious trip sleeping when you can explore the streets until midnight. Okay, just hear us out.

Sleep may not be the most entrancing topic. However, keep in mind that quality sleep is a crucial part of staying fit regardless of where your travel or vacation takes you. Maintaining your physique is even more challenging when you are on the road, under stressful conditions, unfamiliar territory, and a new culture.

Therefore, while you have got excellent sleep habits at home, these won’t help when you’re traveling. For this reason, it’s important to get at least eight hours of sleep, even when you’re traveling.

Stay Hydrated

Of course, traveling is always dehydrating, particularly when you’re flying. Thus, try drinking at least eight ounces of water for every hour you’re in the air. Also, you need to drink more if you consume alcohol.

Keep in mind that staying hydrated won’t only make you feel great, yet it’ll cut down your chances or likelihood of getting sick because your body will be more resistant to all those airborne germs existent on planes. One helpful tip is to bring a reusable water bottle that you can fill up.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Although working out or doing some simple exercises might not be for everyone, you must be getting your steps in. With that said, it is a great idea to pack a few comfy shoes that you can use to walk everywhere on trips, travels, and vacations.

On vacations, walk as much as possible. It is good for your health, and you can see more of the place you’re visiting. Also, you will burn some calories while you are at it and save money on taxis. Moreover, it’s a good idea to try hiking or riding bikes on your trips.


Staying fit and healthy while you are traveling is indeed within your reach. It can take some experimental approach to appraise what sleep, fitness, and nutrition tricks work best for you when you are traveling. However, if you persevere and devote to making these changes with every adventure, in the long run, your healthy travel hacks will become a habit. Thus, setting you up or offering you a lifetime of good health.

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