Yoga at Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Moscow Domodedovo hosted its first open yoga session

On September 29, Moscow Domodedovo Airport conducted its first open yoga session to celebrate World Heart Day. Yoga teachers from Yogic project demonstrated exercises and breathing techniques to passengers in the international arrivals atrium, located on the terminal’s first floor.

The demonstrated exercises and positions aim to relieve pain, tension, and help cope with emotional stress. Domodedovo airport doctors explained how air travel affects the heart as well as gave tips on how to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria in crowded public areas.

‘Nowadays, people are getting emotional over everything from driving a car to shopping in a mall. Under these circumstances, yoga is a great tool to relax. It helps to find the right balance and keep it’, said Moscow Domodedovo Airport doctor Natalya Karseladze.

‘The demonstrated sequence of asanas has a therapeutic effect relieving pressure on the locomotor system. The exercises also help improve power and flexibility. Passengers can exercise during their flight without even leaving their seats’, highlighted Anna Bontar, a yoga teacher from Yogic project.

Moscow Domodedovo has its own free medical station, located on the first floor of the west atrium. The facility is open 24/7. In case of emergency, passengers can get medical help by contacting the information desk, asking any airport employee to call the station or calling a phone number, listed on the official website.

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