Paris metro

Paris Under Siege by Bedbugs! Government Intervenes: ‘No One is Safe’


The capital city of France, Paris, is currently experiencing a widespread infestation of bedbugs, particularly in public spaces such as mass transit and cinemas.

The populace has begun sharing videos on social media of bedbugs found in public transport vehicles, raising concerns and fear among the residents and visitors.

Deputy Mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, addressed the media yesterday, stating, “You must understand that in reality, no one is safe. Of course, there are risk factors, but realistically, bedbugs can latch onto you and you could bring them home.” Gregoire also assured that the bedbug infestation poses no threat to the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics.

France’s Transport Minister, Clement Beaune, also made a statement yesterday regarding the issue. He promised to convene transport operators next week to discuss the measures taken and to provide information. He pledged, “I will put in more effort to serve, reassure, and protect the passengers.”

The sudden surge of bedbugs in public spaces has led to increased vigilance and preventive measures by the authorities to curb the spread of these pests. The government is working diligently to address the concerns of the public and ensure the safety and well-being of both the residents and the visitors in the city.

The citizens are advised to remain cautious and report any sightings of bedbugs immediately to the concerned authorities. The government is also urging people to stay informed about the preventive measures and to cooperate with the authorities in their efforts to control the infestation.

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