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Puerto Vallarta is also popular with Medical and Wellness Tourism

Sunbathing and sipping margaritas may be one of the most popular activities in Mexico’s prettiest resort town of Puerto Vallarta but its natural surroundings – the lush Sierra Madre Mountains and the warm waters of Bay of Banderas also provide the perfect sanctuary for travelers in search of Medical Tourism or a Wellness-focused vacation.

Spas have become emblematic of the international wellness movement as travelers tend to include massages, body treatments, meditation and yoga classes and other health related activities within their travel plans. Puerto Vallarta is home to hundreds of spas offering all types of treatments that will help rejuvenate and stimulate the mind, body and soul amidst beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

Hotel Spas such as the Marriott’s CasaMagna Ohtli, Secrets Spa by Pevonia offers guests the latest in international techniques and services while Terra Noble offers alternative treatments amidst the calming natural sounds of the Sierra Madre.

For those looking to be submerged in a healthy lifestyle, Puerto Vallarta’s newest property, Hotel Mousai offers a wellness program with its Spa Imagine. The nurturing, self- awareness retreat was developed in collaboration with the Mindfulhabits project to provide guests with the ability to make simple and active lifestyle choices for a healthier being. During the month of June, the property will be hosting June Wellness, an innovative wellness retreat where guests will be able to partake in special classes, including power yoga, Vinyasa flow, Pilates, dance, swim, running and paddle boarding. Wellness specialists, including Mindfulhabits founder Karoll S Gonzalez, will also offer lectures, workshops and personal treatments to encourage the healthy lifestyle in mind, body and soul. Special menus will also be provided including natural juices, smoothies and more.

Similarly, Westin Puerto Vallarta is taking part in the hotel brand’s Westin Well-Being Movement, a global initiative dedicated to inspiring guests to discover new approaches to wellness. The Movement features innovative partnerships and programs across Westin’s six pillars of well-being: Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well.

For visitors looking for medical treatments, Puerto Vallarta is home to state-of-the-art facilities, specialized in medical tourism, where internationally renowned doctors offer plastic surgery, dental treatments, orthopedics, insemination in vitro, stem cells, bariatric surgery, oncology, hemodialysis and ophthalmology treatments.

The AmeriMed Vallarta Hospital and the San Javier Puerto Vallarta Hospital are located in the heart of the Hotel Zone and are known for their quality of service experienced multidisciplinary teams trained to use cutting-edge technology to deliver integrated services and guarantee the best attention to all of its patients.

The destination will further cement its status as a Medical and Wellness destination in December as it hosts the Mexico Health & Wellness Travel Show from December 7th to 9th, 2015. With 300 participants and over 3,000 B-2-B meetings, it is one of the largest international medical tourism conferences. Taking place in the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center, the show brings the best national and international experts to share their vision on global trends in the medical tourism industry and discuss new ideas, treatments and procedures in an interactive environment that fosters innovative management, marketing and sustainability solutions. Participants will also have a chance to talk and interact with physicians and CEOs of prestigious international firms and medical facilities and the movers and shakers of the medical tourism industry.

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