RJ and Private Hospitals Association to boost Medical Tourism

Royal Jordanian and the Private Hospitals Association (PHA) -signed a cooperation agreement aimed at supporting and promoting medical tourism to the Kingdom and strengthening Jordan’s position as a destination for treatment and hospitalization for citizens from various countries in the region.

RJ President/CEO Stefan Pichler and PHA Chairman Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri signed the agreement whereby RJ provides discounted tickets on business and economy classes to Arab and international patients, and their companions, who come to Jordan to receive medical treatment at distinguished medical centers and hospitals that are members in the association.

The agreement, which is valid for individuals from destinations on Royal Jordanian’s route network, also offers the PHA staff discounted tickets from/to Amman. Such discounts are granted on selling fares through RJ’s global sales offices and travel agents who are accredited by PHA or by the member hospitals.

Pichler stressed RJ’s keenness to support all efforts of national public and private organizations that aim at increasing the influx of tourists. PHA is one such organization; it comprises various specialized hospitals that offer advanced medical care to Jordanian and foreign patients.

He also highlighted the high esteem in which Jordan is held internationally and regionally because of its outstanding medical services, which is a reason medical tourism is encouraged and should become one of the important feeders of incoming tourism. As such, he said, it is important to promote this aspect of tourism in both Arab countries and globally.

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Dr. Hammouri said that PHA will cooperate with Royal Jordanian toward bringing a greater number of incoming patients from abroad to be treated in Jordan and expressed appreciation for RJ, the national carrier, which took the initiative to facilitate air travel for Arab and foreign patients on its route network through discounts such as those involved in this agreement.

He added that the agreement should be viewed as an investment opportunity that will both serve the private hospitals and stimulate travel on RJ aircraft, supporting, in turn, the national economy. He noted that this contract is a partnership model that has to exist among the sectors working in the medical tourism.

RJ and PHA officials attended the signing of the agreement.

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