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Shanghai’s first Holistic Wellbeing Center opens

Shanghai’s first holistic wellbeing center announces its official opening with a targeted range of customized and integrated wellbeing programs. The Living Room by Octave is officially launched with an Opening Ceremony attended by VIP guests, media friends and community members at the historic Jian Guo road.

The customized and integrated wellbeing programs are led by world-class wellness professionals from different specialties: fitness training, nutrition, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, yoga and meditation as well as life coaching and traditional Chinese healing.

Managing Director Olivier Horps shares, ““Shanghai has long needed a place for community members to get serious about their health & wellness needs in a personalized manner. We’re excited to be opening to the public and fulfilling this need. We hope to see Living Room as a daily part of our community whether that’s through our customized and integrated programming, eating at Thought For Food restaurant or socializing with likeminded people who are interested in personal and physical health.”

Customization is achieved through the comprehensive health diagnostics that Octave’s wellness experts administer. These 8 assessments provide a complete picture of the member’s entire health and wellness profile: Total Health Diagnostic identifies health conditions such as immune system condition, organ function and brain functionality. Posture Assessment finds imbalances in body posture which can lead to future chronic injuries. Functional Movement Screening locates limitations in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality. Dynamic Movement Analysis detects stresses on the body during movement so that proactive exercises can body correct. Metabolic Age Assessment demonstrates the metabolic age given the distribution of muscle to fat. Examining metabolic age will give insights to the overall level of health and wellness in comparison to those of the same age. Heart Diagnosticdetermines heart condition and sets targets for heart rate training. Nutrition Assessment identifies patterning in eating habits and recommends foods to re-stabilize nutrition profile. Wellbeing Compass discovers mindset, stress, habits and emotions which helps Octave practitioners motivate members to stay on track towards their desired goals.

The results of the 8 assessments are used to create a bespoke program for the member in the context of his/her wellness goal. Octave’s experts customize the guest’s program across the multiple practices they embody including:fitness training, nutrition, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, yoga and meditation as well as life coaching and traditional Chinese healing. It is this customized approach coupled with the integration of the best of different disciplines which shifts members towards actualization of their health and wellness goals.

It also houses a gourmet, organic, natural restaurant, Thought for Food, and a Children’s Enhancement Center for kids ages 6 months to 3 years. Its facility is located on Jianguo Xi Lu in the heritage area of Shanghai, and is equipped with advanced air filtration which cleans up to 0.002 μm PM2.5.

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