Hollywood Smile

The rising trend of the Hollywood Smile


What is meant by Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile refers to a cosmetic procedure that is non-surgical in nature and gives off instantaneous results. The treatment is carried out by placing tailor-made peels on the patient’s original teeth. These peels are designed after running a thorough analysis on the patient’s upper and lower jaws in addition to the overall frame of the mouth. The focus is to help restore the patient’s teeth shape and to keep them bright, pearly white for years to come.

To put it in perspective, the Hollywood smile treatment is done to eliminate pigmentation issues and color changes that occur over a period of time to one’s teeth. Moreover, it is one of the most effective dental treatments when it comes to solving dental concerns like chipped, broken, or basically misaligned teeth.

Why do we, in general, need cosmetic dentistry treatments?

We consume a lot of food items on a day-to-day basis out of which many can cause damage of various forms to teeth owing to their different characteristics. For example, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, red wine or any other food or drink bearing higher color pigment can cause staining of the teeth. Whatever damage occurs ultimately impacts our smiles.  And, an imperfect smile means low morale and confidence. Hence, more and more people are opting for cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry to get rid and put a full stop to all of their dental ordeals.

Furthermore, for the dental aesthetic treatments like Hollywood Smile to be effective, a lot of parameters are at play according to dentakay experts. The primary factor is the teeth sizing in accordance with the set ratio. There must not be any gaps and the gingivas must be in perfect symmetry.

But why is everyone going for Hollywood Smile?

Let’s move on to discussing how the Hollywood Smile benefits.

Benefits of the Hollywood Smile

Straighter set of teeth

It is ideal for people looking to get rid of crooked teeth or of teeth varying in size, shape as well as length. Hollywood Smile is not only an aesthetic procedure but also a preventative measure keeping the mouth from getting overcrowded.

Brighter and whiter teeth

It does not matter if a person has strong dental tissues, they could still have an unflattering teeth color. To put it differently, they might have ended up with yellow teeth because of too much consumption of tea, coffee, red wine or smoking. Getting a Hollywood Smile means whiter teeth as teeth whitening treatment is also performed as part of the treatment if a need is felt. However, it is important that extra care is taken of teeth hygiene once teeth whitening is done.

A higher sense of self-confidence

Hollywood Smile brings out an attractive face and an overall pleasing appearance in a patient. Resultantly, this proves to be a massive boost when it comes to both self-confidence and self-esteem. You start feeling better when you meet people, be it a personal, social or professional interaction. Therefore, probably the biggest benefit of getting a Hollywood Smile is that it either gives one his confidence back or a renewed sense of confidence. Eitherway, we bet it is a win-win situation!

Fills gap between the teeth

Having gaps between teeth is one of the most common concerns of a lot of people. Gaps between means food particles can get deep seated and hence, gives off an unfavorable overall look. Dirty-looking teeth means an ugly appearance and nobody wants that. With Hollywood Smile, this concern can get eradicated in its entirety.

Hollywood Smile treatment aftercare tips

The best part of getting a Hollywood Smile is that it does not come with any added care routine. All it takes is usual dental care that one does anyway as part of his dental care routine. However, some of the important tips here would be to make sure that brushing and flossing is done twice a day. Other than this, try and avoid consuming food items with high color pigments so as to avoid staining your teeth. Above all, if you are a smoker, try to cut it down and eventually quit as it not only damages the color of your teeth but also weakens your gums.

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