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Why Swimming Pool Management is So Important

Swimming pools are often seen as a necessity in the hotel business. When tourists are looking for the best hotel to book, swimming pool facilities can often impact their decision.

However, if your hotel or leisure facility does decide to offer guests the use of a swimming pool, adequate pool management becomes an important requirement. Here, we’ll look at why swimming pool management is so important.

Helping you to stay on top of regulations

While there are no official regulations regarding pool management, hotels and leisure facilities do need to meet great standards in order to attract tourists.

Operators need to carry out a risk assessment to see how they can ensure their pool is kept safe. There are no laws pertaining to which measures should be put into place, with judgements being left up to each individual operator.

As well as ensuring the pool is safe, it’s also important to have an emergency action plan in case of accidents, and the depth of the water should be clearly marked. These are just a couple of measures operators will need to take to meet regulations.

Keeping the pool clean and safe

It’s of paramount importance for operators to ensure their pool is clean and safe. In order to fight off harmful bacteria, pools need to maintain adequate pH levels. This measures the acidity of the water. Ideally, the swimming pool should have a pH level of 7.4 which helps with chlorine disinfection. A high-quality pH meter should be used to frequently monitor pH levels.

If pH levels aren’t maintained, it could lead to harmful bacteria breeding within the water. This would obviously cause a huge safety concern for users of the pool.

Helping to maintain adequate filtration

With adequate pool management, you’ll also help to maintain adequate filtration. By routinely cleaning the filter, it prevents it from becoming obstructed due to debris. This would in turn impact the effectiveness of the filtration, again causing safety concerns. It could also impact the longevity of the pool.

These are just some of the reasons why pool management is important. It’s a little additional cost, but it does provide long-term cost savings. You’ll also ensure you are meeting health and safety regulations. When you offer guests access to a swimming pool, you need to be certain it’s clean, safe and well managed.

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