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A New Chapter in Luxury: InterContinental’s Global Brand Evolution

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, the world’s premier international luxury hotel brand, has announced a significant global brand transformation.

This evolution is not just a rebranding but a comprehensive transformation, ensuring the brand remains at the forefront of luxury experiences for the modern traveler.

The brand’s evolution is rooted in its pioneering spirit and rich heritage. As part of IHG Hotels & Resorts’ luxury and lifestyle collection, InterContinental is redefining luxury travel by striking a balance between freedom and familiarity. This transformation is driven by the belief that travel can broaden horizons and bridge cultures, supported by advanced technology, innovative design, and the diverse talents of InterContinental’s team.

Key highlights of the brand evolution include:

  • Modern Luxury and Diversity: InterContinental aims to captivate modern luxury travelers with knowledge-rich and culturally immersive experiences. This includes new offerings, a refreshed brand culture, unique brand differentiators, and a revolutionary food and beverage and hotel design strategy.
  • Intentional Flexibility: Recognizing the diverse lifestyles of modern travelers, InterContinental is introducing initiatives like scientifically-backed food and beverage programs to combat travel fatigue and the Timeshifter jet lag app. Collaborations with neuroscience-based designers aim to revolutionize guestroom spaces.
  • Insider Expertise: With properties in 60 countries, InterContinental leverages its deep-rooted history in hospitality. The brand is introducing innovative Concierge Galleries in hotel lobbies, transforming them into hubs of unparalleled local and cultural knowledge.
  • Incredible Occasions: InterContinental is launching the Incredible Occasions program to elevate micro-celebrations for guests, from birthdays to baby showers.
  • Cultivated Elegance: The brand evolution emphasizes quality design and timeless style, with each hotel offering a unique experience, from idyllic escapes in the Maldives to romantic getaways in Rome.

Tom Rowntree, Vice President of Luxury Brands at IHG Hotels and Resorts, emphasized that this evolution revolves around their exceptional global team members. The brand’s core belief is that travel expands the mind, uniting people in diversity.

With this evolution, InterContinental continues to embrace modernity, diversity, and the quest for meaningful experiences, ensuring guests feel at home while exploring the world.

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