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One&Only One Za’abeel – Now Open in Dubai

Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and innovation, is now home to the first urban vertical resort by Kerzner International, One&Only One Za’abeel. This landmark establishment elevates the standard of ultra-luxury hospitality, merging the vibrancy of city life with the serenity of a beach resort.

The One&Only One Za’abeel stands as a testament to Dubai’s futuristic vision and traditional hospitality. Nestled in the heart of the city, the resort is a dual-towered marvel, linked by the world’s longest cantilever, The Link. This architectural feat not only adds to Dubai’s iconic skyline but also symbolizes the resort’s commitment to blending modern luxury with cultural richness.

Philippe Zuber, CEO of Kerzner International, remarks, “One&Only One Za’abeel redefines urban resort luxury. Our goal is to offer an unparalleled experience, combining the soul of the city with our distinguished hospitality.”

The resort boasts spacious accommodations, including the Villa One penthouse, an epitome of Arabian extravagance with contemporary flair. Each room and suite is a haven of tranquility, with designs inspired by the local Za’abeel district, known for its ‘white sand’ aura.

One&Only One Za’abeel is not just about opulent living spaces; it’s an epicurean journey. The Link, a futuristic boulevard in the sky, hosts a collection of fine dining establishments led by Michelin-starred chefs. The resort’s dining experiences, like the contemporary Nikkei cuisine at Tapasake and the vibrant Indonesian fare at Andaliman, cater to every palate.

The resort is also a wellness sanctuary. The Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie offers personalized wellness journeys focusing on longevity, wellbeing, and aesthetics. This commitment to holistic health is a cornerstone of the One&Only brand’s philosophy.

Jan Tibaldi, Cluster General Manager, states, “One&Only One Za’abeel is more than a resort; it’s the soulful heart of Dubai. We invite guests to immerse themselves in a world where luxury meets culture and entertainment.”

One&Only One Za’abeel is not just a resort; it’s a lifestyle destination. From sunrise yoga to immersive art tours, the resort caters to a range of interests. The KidsOnly club and the private club for suites on the 53rd floor ensure that every guest, regardless of age, experiences luxury at its finest.

In conclusion, One&Only One Za’abeel is a visionary project that redefines urban luxury hospitality. It’s a place where every detail is crafted for excellence, promising an experience that is as unique as it is memorable, in the heart of Dubai.

One&Only is an exceptional collection of one-off resorts and private homes located in the world’s most inspiring destinations. Designed in harmony with nature and immersed in local culture, each remarkable, one-of-a-kind resort has its own distinct narrative and charisma.

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