Taiwan International Balloon Festival kicks off on June 29

40 Eye-Catching Balloons to lift off at the Taiwan International Balloon Festival on June 29

Entering its 9th consecutive year, the Taiwan International Balloon Festival is scheduled to take place at Luye Highlands in Taitung from June 29th to August 12th. Hot air balloons from around the world will be in attendance, with over 40 eye-catching balloons.

Some new faces will be making an appearance at the 2019 festival including Sponge from Brazil, Peg Leg Pete from the USA, the world-famous McDonald balloon and the penguins Splash and Puddles from the UK, Smurf from Belgium, two pig-shaped balloons, and so many more.

The 2019 Festival maintains its position as the longest hot air balloon festival held in the world. The Taiwan International Balloon Festival was named as one of the top 12 hot air balloon festivals around the world by the Travel Channel. Adding to the attractions, this year also features a carousel, grass skiing, and a VR experience, and other facilities. The central theme this year is “Endless Happiness, Playground of Dreams” and will continue with all the grandeur as previous years – transforming the Luye Highlands into a magical dreamland.

Accompanying the marvelous aerial spectacle, nine night glow concerts will add to the festivities and light up the skies of Taitung. These concerts present an incredible visual and audio experience and bring the night sky to life. Some hotspots have been selected throughout Taitung as venues for these incredible shows, such as Luye Highlands, Sanxiantai, Dapo Lake, Taimali Dawn Park, Zhiben Hot Springs, and for the first time, Green Island.

Magistrate April Yao stated that Taitung is one of the top places in Taiwan for stargazing. Seven Starry Night Concerts have been added to the agenda this year. It’s a chance for the whole family to enjoy live music accompanied by the beautiful night sky of Taitung. The concerts will be hosted at some of the top tourist destinations in Taitung such as King Kong Avenue, Sanxiantai, Guanshan Waterfront Park, Jialulan Recreation Area, and more. Connecting with Starry Taitung, tourist are invited to take a peek into the heavens.

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The Taitung County Government cordially invites everyone to come and experience the delight of having fun in the clouds. Taitung gives visitors enjoyable memories as they watch the hot air balloons carry hopes and dreams off into the highland air. You can explore the tranquility of Taitung’s slow lifestyle and the depth of its rich culture while taking part in this wonderful event. We welcome you to enjoy a life time’s memorable experience in Taitung.

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