ATCAF 2023

ATCAF 2023 in Ekiti: Uniting Africa for Sustainable Tourism and Climate Action


The Sayari Dunia Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SDSTF) announced the kickoff of the Africa Tourism Climate Action Forum (ATCAF) 2023.

This highly-anticipated 3-day conference, scheduled for November 24-26, 2023, in Ado Ekiti and the prestigious Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort & Conference CenterIkogosi Warm Springs Resort & Conference CenterIkogosi Warm Springs Resort & Conference CenterIkogosi Warm Springs Resort & Conference Center in Ekiti State; southwestern Nigeria, sets its sights on a transformative agenda for African tourism and trade, focusing on decarbonization and green industrialization.

Building Momentum with Pre-Event Activities

ATCAF 2023 begins with a series of pre-event activities designed to engage communities and raise awareness on vital climate issues. Mrs. Abigail Olagbaye, President of SDSTF, shared insights on two major pre-event initiatives:

  1. Reforest Africa Initiative: Launching on November 22, 2023, in Ado-Ekiti and Ikogosi Ekiti, this initiative aims to plant 10 trillion trees across Africa, starting with 1,000 trees. This ambitious project underscores the critical role of reforestation in combating climate change and preserving Africa’s natural heritage.

  2. Africa NetZero Climate Cycling Championship: On November 23, cyclists will journey from Fajuyi Square in Ado Ekiti to Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, symbolizing the commitment to net-zero emissions and promoting sustainable transportation within the tourism sector.

Mrs. Olagbaye emphasizes that these pre-events are crucial in setting the stage for the main conference, inviting all participants, partners, and stakeholders to actively engage in these initiatives.

ATCAF 2023 Conference: A Convergence of Ideas and Action

The conference itself promises to be a hub of innovative discussions and solutions, featuring:

  • A Youth Forum
  • Keynotes and Panel Sessions
  • Women Empowerment Forum
  • Exhibitions

These activities will culminate in the celebration of African Tourism Day on November 26, 2023.

Partnerships for a Sustainable Future

In collaboration with the Ekiti State Government and several other organizations, SDSTF is committed to activating ATCAF 2023 as a platform for sustainable tourism and trade in Africa.

A Milestone Event for African Tourism

ATCAF 2023 represents a significant step forward in addressing climate challenges within the African tourism and trade sectors. It’s a call to action for sustainable practices and a greener future, highlighting the crucial role of tourism in the continent’s sustainable development.

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