World Connect by APG 2023

Aviation’s Elite Gather in Monaco for 14th World Connect by APG

The 14th edition of World Connect by APG, held at the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco, concluded last week with a resounding affirmation: “air transport is still fundamental.”

This prestigious event, themed “More than ever, air transport is still fundamental,” brought together a significant cross-section of the international air transport community, including 468 participants, 70 airlines, and delegates from 84 countries.

Jean Louis Baroux, President and Founder of World Connect by APG, lauded the event’s success, attributing it partly to the professionalism and hard work of the Fairmont Hotel’s teams and management. For two days, the hotel provided exemplary service to accommodate the participants of this crucial gathering.

The commitment of the attendees was notable, with many traveling over 15 hours each way to spend just two days at the conference. This dedication underscores the high value placed on the event and the industry it represents. The gathering served as a platform for 23 international speakers who took to the stage to discuss various aspects of air transport and its continuing relevance in the modern world.

Baroux emphasized the crucial role of air transport for humanity, not just in bringing people together and fostering peace but also as an essential pillar of the global economy. The discussions and presentations at the conference highlighted the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, especially in the context of current global events and technological advancements.

Looking ahead, the 15th World Connect by APG is already scheduled to take place between October 23rd and 25th next year at the Westin Dragonara Hotel in Malta. The anticipation for this event is high, given the success of the Monaco conference, and it is expected to draw a similar level of participation and engagement.

The World Connect by APG has established itself as a vital forum for the air transport industry, providing a unique opportunity for leaders, experts, and stakeholders to converge, share insights, and forge pathways for the future of aviation.

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