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Bco Congresos Opens Office in Lisbon

Bco Congresos, the division of Avoris Corporación Empresarial specialising in high-level professional meetings is continuing its strategy of expansion in Europe with the opening of a new office in Lisbon.

Since February 1st, Bco Congresos has reinforced its presence in Portugal with the objective of re-establishing commercial relationships and creating new links with the association world. The aim of settling in the neighbouring country is to increase its congress portfolio, to provide 360º congress services in a more comprehensive manner, and to enhance existing partnerships with clients and local service providers. Above all, the intention of Bco Congresos is to bolster their reputation for producing excellent quality and financially successful meetings that set them apart from the competition.

This growth strategy is being led by Helder Viana, a local expert in meetings and congress tourism with more than 33 years’ experience in the sector. Many of the major congresses held in Portugal have passed through Helder’s hands, and he will play a leading role in attracting new business.

The meetings that Bco Congresos organises in Portugal will be supported by the operations department under the leadership of Mirtcho Savov, Chief Operating Officer, and by the trusted DMC company established in Portugal some years ago.

In terms of accommodation management, Bco Congresos is now in the position to offer the same existing negotiating power as in Spain and other geographic regions. In the same way, they will continue to work with the core leadership team in accommodation management that so many clients are used to working with.

Bco Congresos currently has a total of 5 offices in Spain (Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga), providing services in Spain, Europe and Latin America.  More than 1400 congresses have been organised to date in hundreds of destinations worldwide.

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