Biden Visits Detroit Auto Show

Biden Visits Detroit Auto Show

The U.S. Travel Association welcomed President Biden’s tour of the Detroit Auto Show as part of an ongoing effort to build a more sustainable future for travel mobility.

Travelers make trips by car more than any other mode of transportation—approximately 89% of domestic overnight trips taken in 2019 included an automobile.

By visiting the Detroit Auto Show, President Biden observed first-hand the private sector investments that are making road travel more environmentally friendly. It is imperative for the administration to continue encouraging the construction of electric vehicle infrastructure to enable communities across the United States to stay connected.

“President Biden’s visit to the Detroit Auto Show is an opportunity to highlight that the future of car travel is electric. Travel by car is by far the most popular mode of domestic travel–89% of domestic overnight trips taken in 2019 included an automobile—and that’s why, as electrification infrastructure is deployed, it is done with the traveler in mind. Making cars more environmentally friendly is essential to meeting climate goals,” said Tori Emerson Barnes, Executive Vice President for Policy and Public Affairs at the U.S. Travel Association.

“American travelers increasingly prioritize sustainability,” added Barnes.

“More than one in five say that they would travel more by car if their personal vehicle produced fewer carbon emissions than it does today. By encouraging the manufacture of electric vehicles and nationwide installation of EV charging stations, the Biden administration can shape the future of sustainable travel in the United States. For this transition to benefit travelers, the economy and our planet, it will be necessary for industry leaders and government decision makers to continue working together.”

In July, U.S. Travel established the Sustainable Travel Coalition, making a commitment to identify and promote proactive policies to help the travel and transportation industries achieve their goals.

U.S. Travel’s upcoming Future of Travel Mobility conference in Washington on September 20 will bring together key policymakers and global business leaders to spotlight emerging travel innovations.

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