MICE-in-the-Bag's fam trip to Borgo La Chiaracia

Borgo La Chiaracia was the last fam trip destination of MICE-in-the-Bag

M.I.C.E.-in-the-bag’s last fam trip brought budget-ready MICE buyers and also wedding planners to Borgo La Chiaracia, a 5-star resort nestled in the Umbrian countryside of Castel Giorgio, Italy. Attendees came from the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, and the Netherlands.

The fam trip took place from June 12 to 14, at the beginning of a shiny summer delivering its best in such amazing surroundings. Borgo La Chiaracia, located at the border with Lazio and Tuscany, has been designed as a modern escape, a little world apart where the essence of tradition combines with an innovative approach.

The property is comprised of three interconnected buildings. Its 23 rooms and three suites are characterized by a refined elegance, in which the furnishings have been carefully selected to reflect the shapes and colors of the local countryside, thus creating a seamless link between the internal and the external spaces of the resort. This, far from being a detail, is the actual source of the magic of the place.

Borgo is endowed with a gourmet restaurant (Radici), a place where the seasons dictate the rules and all the food is on a strictly from-farm-to-table basis. There’s also a SPA (Livinna), offering a range of treatments to nourish, renew and rejuvenate both face and body.

Most of all, there’s probably the most updated cutting-edge technology for meetings of any Italian housing facility: the latest generation in video-conferencing systems, wireless and wired fiber optic networks and broadband connections with a capacity of up to 100 Mbps. A private, protected storage space on the Borgo La Chiaracia Cloud is always available. Participants from remote can work together with Borgo’s guests in real time with the aid of video-conferencing and collaborative tools, viewing and saving both graphics and presentations to mobile devices connected to the wireless network of the meeting room.

Borgo La Chiaracia

The buyers highly appreciated all this, some of them even asking to extend the stay through the whole of the weekend at their own expenses.

The experience was duly completed by a stroll along Bolsena, the town named after one of the coziest lakes in Italy, just 10 minutes away by car, and a dinner in a typical restaurant by the lake itself.

MICE-in-the-bag that brought buyers to Borgo la Chiaracia is a unique and intimate B2B company that brings together buyers and suppliers from the MICE industry creating an environment to establish long-lasting, impactful and mutually beneficial relationships. Pre-selected suppliers are matched with budget-ready buyers in specific conferences and event locations. This offers a significant saving in prospecting costs, faster and more effective measurement on ROI’s to the suppliers. In addition, MICE in the bag Ltd gives continual support to the buyers and suppliers ensuring that they are providing the right offering for the right market.

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