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Borsalino Announces 3 year Partnership with 1000 Miglia

Borsalino announced a 3-year collaboration with 1000 Migliathe most beautiful race in the world, and debuts as an Official Partner during the 2022 fortieth edition scheduled from June 15th to June 18th along the classic Brescia-Rome-Brescia Italian route.

1000 Miglia is the vintage car race par excellence that continues to make the world dream about iconic Italian style, creativity, and modern charm through pairing timeless car designs with the value of Italian territories and pure beauty of a scenic journey. An exciting and unforgettable route, the competition is an international event of the highest level that curve after every curve captures everyone’s eyes and hearts.

Borsalino and 1000 Miglia share a strong commitment towards beauty, an inclination for travel, elegance and the enhancement of heritage to inspire the future. In celebration of the partnership, Borsalino X 1000 Miglia will present a dedicated collection of 3 iconic models: a Panama Quito, baseball cap and a limited-edition Panama Extrafine. An example of excellence that redefines both brands’ longstanding tradition, the collection also showcases Alessandria-Maison’s 165-year history of craftsmanship, manufacturing, and stylistic innovation.  

The link between the Made in Alessandria Maison and the fascinating world of automobiles is longstanding. It all began with third generation Teresio ‘Nino’ Usuelli Borsalino who was an avid speed enthusiast. In 1932, he memorably participated in the 24 Hour Spa-Francorchamps race and this passion greatly influenced his management style of the hat Manufacture. After World War II mass motorization, Teresio saw the ideal opportunity to patent some characteristic headgear dedicated to motorists such as the Mambo distinguished by its low cap and perfect to be worn in the passenger compartment. In the early 2000s, the longstanding link was further strengthened when Borsalino and luxury car manufacturer Ferrari presented a limited edition Borsalino X Ferrari collection.

“We are thrilled and extremely proud to collaborate with one of the most popular and prestigious Italian events in the world. Both 1000 Miglia and Borsalino promote culture, lifestyle, and territory,” declared Mauro Baglietto, Managing Director for Borsalino, “This partnership is a concrete demonstration and expression towards the Italian way of living and beautifully supports our path towards international growth and development.”

Borsalino and 1000 Miglia are two brands that, in addition to their Heritage, share a lifestyle vision where the audacity of thought, design and beauty are more than mere statements,” underlined Alberto Piantoni, CEO of 1000 Miglia Srl, “These are values that materialize on one hand by creating unique pieces such as Borsalino’s creations and on the other hand with 1000 Miglia that lives up to its promise to cross over into the future.” 

Driven along a path of shared excellence and fueled brand experience, don’t miss the historic re-enactment of this exciting Made in Italy journey that continues to renew and rediscover beauty.

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