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FiturNext 2024: A Forum for Public Policy and Connectivity in Tourism

The FiturNext 2024 program, a segment of FITUR dedicated to sustainable tourism, has begun its journey of exploration into the role of tourism in territorial revitalization. The event features a series of roundtable discussions and presentations focusing on public policy, rural revitalization, and connectivity.

Public Policies and the Demographic Challenge

A key discussion during the first day of FiturNext 2024 centered on public policies with a depopulation perspective. Francesc Boya Alós, Ruben Torres, and Juan González Mellizo engaged in a conversation moderated by Francisco Rodríguez. The panel highlighted how governmental strategies can support rural areas and counteract the effects of depopulation.

Connectivity and Rural Revitalization

A roundtable moderated by Javier Creus, founder and CEO of Ideas for Change, discussed rural revitalization and the importance of connectivity. Ana Abade from, Ignacio Sanchís from Hispasat, and Antonio Calvo Roy from Redeia shared their insights on how technology and innovative ideas can transform rural areas into vibrant centers of entrepreneurship and tourism.

Insights from Tourism Experts

The event will also feature insights from notable experts in the tourism sector. Blanca Pérez-Sauquillo from Turespaña and Enrique Martínez Marín from SEGITTUR are among the speakers who will share their expertise on sustainable tourism practices and their impact on community development.

Showcasing Future Directions in Tourism

FiturNext 2024 serves as a pivotal platform for discussing the future of tourism, particularly in how it can be used as a tool for social and economic development in rural areas. The event continues to bring together thought leaders and innovators, showcasing the dynamic role of tourism in shaping sustainable and resilient communities.

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