Rajan Datar Headlines Global Tourism Summit

From BBC Studios to Valencia: Rajan Datar Headlines Global Tourism Summit

The scenic city of Valencia is set to come alive this September, not just with its historical gems and delicious paella, but as the host to an influential gathering of global leaders in tourism.

Taking centre stage at the Global Leaders Summit presented by the World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage is none other than Rajan Datar. As the charismatic face behind numerous BBC programs, Datar will masterfully MC the event’s opening and closing sessions.

Scheduled for 24-25 September, the summit promises to delve deep into the intricate intersections of tourism, culture, and heritage. The focus? To decode the dynamics when these sectors harmoniously merge or dramatically clash, especially regarding global tourism management and cultural presentation.

Datar’s extensive travel experiences, spanning three decades, render him a perfect fit for this summit. Best known for his exhilarating travelogues on BBC’s The Travel Show, he has narrated tales from myriad corners of the world, covering five continents in depth. Further accentuating his cultural expertise, Datar is the voice behind BBC World Service’s “The Forum,” a program that dives into global culture and history.

Beyond the camera and microphone, Datar exudes culture in another vivacious form – his nine-piece ska and reggae band, Maroon Town. With footprints from Kingston to Kazakhstan and Brazil to Brunei, the band’s global tours have not only filled vast arenas but have also touched hearts in schools, prisons, and rehab centers.

Emphasizing the profound relation between culture and tourism, Datar remarked, “Culture is undeniably the heartbeat of tourism. It beckons every traveller to immerse in the local artistry, customs, and heritage. It’s these vibrant cultural elements that etch everlasting memories.”

This summit is especially unique because it will showcase insights from culture and heritage tourism mavens, a voice not commonly heard in conventional conferences. Among the audience will be key representatives from global government bodies, tourism boards, NGOs, and the media.

The stage will glitter with other stalwarts like Anne Grady from the EU Parliament, Imad Barrakad from Morocco, Karl Burrows from New Zealand, and Judy Kepher-Gona, the brain behind Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda.

Datar’s enthusiasm is palpable as he looks forward to the summit, “It’s a rare confluence of decision-makers. We aim to unravel the challenges overshadowing cultural tourism, including climate change, social disparities, and short-sighted policies.”

Sponsored by Visit Valencia, the conference welcomes all and sundry. Those keen to participate can head to WTACHGLS.com for registration and further details. Book your room in Valencia.

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