Top MICE Destinations

From California to Spain: Top MICE Destinations of 2023

Global DMC Partners, the leading global network of independent Destination Management Companies (DMCs), released its 2023 Global Destination Index.

This index showcases the most sought-after meeting and incentive destinations globally, based on bookings and pending business across its DMC partners.

Catherine Chaulet, the President & CEO of Global DMC Partners, emphasized the significance of the MICE industry as a reflection of global economic health. She stated, “The MICE industry stands as a testament to thriving global business activities, contrary to many mainstream narratives.”

The 2023 top MICE destinations are diverse, with California leading the U.S. list, highlighting cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and San Diego. Internationally, Spain, with cities like Barcelona and Madrid, takes the top spot, followed by countries like Indonesia, France, and Costa Rica.

The Top 10 MICE Destinations for 2023—both by U.S. state and by non-U.S. country—ranked as follows: 

Top 10 U.S.
Top 10 International
  1. California (Palm Springs, San Diego)
  1. Spain (Barcelona, Madrid)
  1. Texas (Austin, Dallas)
  1. Indonesia (Bali)
  1. Illinois (Chicago)
  1. France (Paris)
  1. New York (New York City)
  1. Costa Rica (Guanacaste)
  1. Colorado (Denver)
  1. Mexico (Punta Mita, Cancun)
  1. Florida (Miami, Orlando)
  1. South Africa (Cape Town)
  1. Washington, D.C.
  1. Greece (Athens)
  1. Arizona  (Scottsdale, Phoenix)
  1. England (London)
  1. Louisiana (New Orleans)
  1. Italy (Rome, Milan)
  1. South Carolina (Palmetto Bluff)
  1. Vietnam (Hanoi, Da Nang)


Antonia Riera Castell, Head of MICE at maximice events group, praised Spain for its exceptional tourism infrastructure, diverse regions, and world-renowned gastronomy. Meanwhile, Ana Reilly of Destination Concepts inc. celebrated California’s versatility, from its coastal cities to desert landscapes.

A notable trend this year is the rise of secondary cities. While primary cities have traditionally dominated travel preferences, secondary locations are now emerging as top choices. For instance, in Italy, alongside popular cities like Rome and Milan, destinations such as Lake Como, Sicily, and the Amalfi Coast are gaining traction.

Chaulet concluded by highlighting this transformative shift in the industry, where a blend of primary and secondary destinations collectively enriches the global travel experience.

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