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The events sector is currently undergoing considerable change and, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, moving towards a “new normal” particularly with respect to digital and hybrid formats. To stay on top in future, innovative concepts and compelling communication are key.

Participating in the research network “Future Meeting Space”, new marketing tools and a scheduled change in management are all part of the “SevenCenters of Germany” marketing cooperation of leading convention and conference centers getting ready for a successful future.

The SevenCenters of Germany members not only use their long-standing cooperation to market their convention centers as well as destination Germany as a whole, but also as a platform for exchange to jointly drive innovation in the meetings industry. For this reason, the SevenCenters have, from the start, been a research partner in the Future Meeting Space innovation network, which was initiated by the GCB German Convention Bureau in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in 2015. The current third research phase zooms in on the future purpose of meetings and on the role they play in organisations’ communications mix. This includes a survey (open until 30 June 2020) on the needs and expectations that attendees, planners and service providers have regarding event formats of the future, no matter if analogue, hybrid or digital. “The SevenCenters of Germany represent the seven biggest German convention centers with direct access to exhibition grounds. With their commitment and dedicated focus on future-proof concepts, they contribute considerably to strengthening Germany as a meetings destination,” comments GCB Managing Director Matthias Schultze on the importance of the cooperation.

Website relaunch and new online brochure

Alongside focussing on innovation in the events sector, the SevenCenters of Germany members have also finetuned their joint communication and marketing tools, including a complete relaunch of the website to position the members as competent partners in evolving times. The new website, www.sevencenters.de, now offers SevenCenters’ customers a clear route how to plan and organise large events and conventions in future. At the same time, a newly published online brochure provides event organisers with further details on the individual destinations, facts and figures as well as all relevant contacts. A wide selection of images brings the experience on site alive.

SevenCenters of Germany

Scheduled change in management

The development and realisation of both new marketing tools was coordinated by Claudia Döttinger, the group’s new spokesperson who took over this post in January 2020 from her predecessor Andrea Bisping, Director ICM – Internationales Congress Center München at Messe München. At Messe Stuttgart, Claudia Döttinger is Head of Acquisition & Marketing Guest Events and in this position also responsible for marketing the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart. The spokesperson for the SevenCenters of Germany changes every seven years among the member companies in alphabetical order. “As spokesperson, I’m tasked with coordinating all activities for the respective year, including joint marketing measures,” explains Claudia Döttinger her role.

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