Guadalajara Gay Games

Guadalajara to Welcome the 2023 Gay Games

During the 47th edition of the Tianguis Turístico held in Mexico City, the Jalisco Ministry of Tourism, the Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Puerto Vallarta Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity presented the 11th edition of the Gay Games, the world’s most important event for sexual diversity, inclusion, and sports, to the international press.

In 2023, the Gay Games will be celebrated for the first time ever in a Latin American city. Guadalajara will be the host city for this great event to be held from November 3 to 11 of this year. The press conference at the Tianguis Turístico was presided over by the State Secretary of Tourism, Vanessa Pérez Lamas, the Director of the Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau, Gustavo Staufert, the Director of the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity of Puerto Vallarta and Monica Sanchez, General Director of Gay Games Guadalajara.

The Secretary of Tourism, Vanessa Peréz Lamas, shared that there were many factors that led to Jalisco being chosen to host the event: “The fact that Guadalajara will host one of the world’s most important sporting and cultural events for the LGBTQ+ community is not a coincidence. It is thanks to coordinate efforts, comprehensive public policies, our strong connectivity, and our tourist, sports, and urban infrastructure. We are ready and prepared to receive this world-class event, and the Ministry of Tourism will work to make it a success”.
During this press conference, Gustavo Staufert highlighted the effort that has been made to achieve this type of event, in addition to the fact that the values of these games are shared by the capital city of Guadalajara: “For the first time in history, Guadalajara will host this event, and we are very pleased because we have been preparing for many years to achieve this goal. We also support equity, diversity, inclusion, and respect in all its forms”.

“We are very proud to celebrate this great achievement for Jalisco. Without a doubt, the 11th edition of the Gay Games will put us front and center, not only in the eyes of the major sporting event organizers but also in the eyes of the whole world, while once again consolidating Puerto Vallarta as Latin America’s leading inclusive beach destination and a favorite for the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, Puerto Vallarta is proud to add the Gay Games to its vast array of travel experiences for diverse women and men, thereby assuring that we will continue to be able to host important international events for the LGBTQ+ community,” stated Luis Villaseñor, director of the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta.

Monica Sanchez, General Director of the Gay Games, highlighted the events’ genesis and expected numbers of attendees “Since its creation in 1982 in San Francisco, the Gay Games have grown and grown. For example, in this edition of the Games, there will be around 6,000 competitors, but more than 10,000 visitors, including competitors, coaches, and companions, who we estimate will bring in more than 600 million pesos in economic revenue”.

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