IATA Announces Inaugural World Safety and Operations Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has revealed plans for the first-ever World Safety and Operations Conference (WSOC) to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from September 19 to 21, 2023.

Themed “Leadership in Action: Driving Safer and More Efficient Operations,” the conference will be hosted by Vietnam Airlines and will merge three key industry events: the Cabin Ops Safety Conference, the IATA Safety Conference, and the Emergency Response Planning and Aircraft Recovery Forums.

With borders reopening, airports bustling, and flights operating at full capacity, the aviation industry is focused on rebuilding networks and financial stability. IATA emphasizes the need for all stakeholders to maintain a steadfast commitment to safe operations as the industry navigates the post-pandemic landscape. The WSOC aims to provide a forum for discussing the challenges and opportunities faced by aviation today, ensuring the industry continues to prioritize safety and operational efficiency.

Willie Walsh, Director General of IATA, emphasized the importance of the WSOC, stating, “The WSOC is the forum to discuss and debate today’s challenges and opportunities to keep the industry on a trajectory of improving safety and more efficient operations.” The event will gather industry leaders, regulators, and a global community to address key safety and infrastructure topics crucial to strengthening safety operations throughout the aviation sector.

Vietnam Airlines, renowned for its unwavering commitment to safety, will serve as the host airline for this inaugural conference. Le Hong Ha, President and CEO of Vietnam Airlines, expressed excitement about the opportunity to host the event and bring together influential leaders to address vital safety and infrastructure matters that will contribute to enhancing safety operations on a broader scale. Ha, alongside Willie Walsh, will participate in the WSOC Opening Plenary leadership panel, joined by Stanley K. Ng, President and COO of Philippine Airlines.

The WSOC will feature various session tracks covering key aspects of safety and operations, including Safety, Cabin Operations, Flight Operations, and Emergency Response Planning and Aircraft Recovery. The conference will delve into a range of topics such as:

  • Risk-Based IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)
  • Safety leadership and the IATA Safety Leadership Charter
  • Runway safety
  • Regional aircraft operations
  • Learnings from recent accidents and incidents
  • Cabin crew training and well-being
  • Managing unruly passengers
  • Digital transformation of aircraft flight and technical operations
  • Performance-based training
  • Safe integration of new entrants, technology, and procedures in airspace
  • Aircraft recovery and crisis communications

By addressing these critical areas, the WSOC aims to foster discussions and knowledge sharing among industry experts, paving the way for innovative solutions and best practices that will enhance safety and operational efficiency across the aviation sector.

As the aviation industry continues to recover and adapt to a changing environment, the WSOC presents a significant opportunity for global aviation stakeholders to collaborate, learn from recent experiences, and collectively work towards a safer and more efficient future. The conference will play a vital role in shaping the industry’s trajectory, ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of aviation operations worldwide.

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