ITB Berlin's 2025 Host

ITB Berlin’s 2025 Host Revealed: A Mediterranean Gem


The travel industry is poised for a refreshing revelation as ITB Berlin, the premier global travel trade show, has hinted at an exciting collaboration for its 2025 edition.

The details, which involve a Southeast-European nation stepping into a pivotal role, were formalized in a recent ceremony that has set the stage for a transformative event.

On the 3rd of November, 2023, in the heart of Berlin, a memorandum of understanding was signed, marking the beginning of a close partnership between ITB Berlin and a country known for its vibrant culture and burgeoning tourism sector. This agreement heralds the country’s designation as the Official Host Country for the 2025 iteration of the show, which is slated to be a purely B2B affair from March 4th to 6th.

The signing ceremony saw key figures in attendance, including H.E. Vilma Bello, Deputy Minister of Tourism for the host country, and Deborah Rothe, ITB Berlin Director. The event was further graced by the presence of Herida Duro, Director of the Development of Tourism Programs, Edlira Zyfi, Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, and the ambassador of the host country in Germany, H. E. Mrs. Adia Sakiqi.

Deputy Minister Bello expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting the significant plans the country has for the future and the boost that ITB Berlin’s platform will provide. ITB Berlin’s knack for recognizing potential in countries and regions was highlighted by Dirk Hoffmann, COO of Messe Berlin, who is thrilled about bringing the country’s treasures to an international audience.

ITB Berlin Director Deborah Rothe, having personally experienced the host country’s hospitality and spirit, anticipates that the collaboration will bear fruitful results and attract new aficionados for the country at the 2025 show.

The host country, which has been enjoying a steady rise in tourism popularity, offers a rich tapestry of experiences—from the colorful streets of its capital, Tirana, to the pristine turquoise bays and untouched hinterlands. It’s also becoming a hotspot for hiking enthusiasts and is known for its excellent value for money in travel experiences.

As the Official Host Country, the nation will have the opportunity to present its cultural, natural, and culinary heritage at ITB Berlin 2025. The festivities will commence with a grand opening gala, and throughout the trade show, the country will feature prominently, including at the ITB Berlin Convention.

This collaboration promises to unveil a Mediterranean jewel to the B2B world, positioning the country not just as a travel destination but as a beacon of cultural richness and hospitality.

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