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La Rioja to Host the 7th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism

Spain’s esteemed wine region, La Rioja, is set to host the 7th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism from November 22-24, 2023.

This prestigious event, co-organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Government of La Rioja, and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain, will bring together a diverse group of industry stakeholders to discuss the future of wine tourism with a focus on data, governance, innovation, sustainability, and skills development.

The conference aims to highlight the critical role of wine tourism in promoting rural development, sustainable practices, and regional regeneration. It will serve as a platform for discussing the integration of traditional wine tourism with the latest technological advancements to meet the evolving preferences of tourists. The event will also delve into the use of innovative digital tools and new strategies for social media engagement to expand market reach and increase tourism.

A key aspect of the conference will be the emphasis on skill cultivation to ensure excellence in wine tourism. The event will explore how data can guide the future of the industry, creating common frameworks for measuring and enhancing the wine tourism experience.

Governance will also be a central theme, with discussions on the importance of public-private partnerships and community coordination to foster sustainable growth in the wine tourism sector. The conference will showcase how these collaborations can lead to successful outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the conference, with a focus on practices that align with the principles of the circular economy. Experts will share insights on how wine tourism can contribute to rural development by revitalizing regions, addressing demographic challenges, and encouraging entrepreneurship.

The conference will not only be a hub for learning and discussion but also an immersive experience. Attendees will have the chance to participate in masterclasses in the Barrio de la Estación in Haro, offering a deep dive into the art of wine pairing and its relationship with gastronomy, art, culture, communication, branding, technology, events, and sustainability.

Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to visit the renowned Vivanco Museum, celebrated for its dedication to preserving wine culture. This event promises to be an enlightening and enriching experience for all involved, setting the stage for the sustainable future of wine tourism.

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