Vanilla Islands Festival du Lagon de Mayotte

Mayotte offers its own Vanilla Islands event: Mayotte Lagoon Festival

The Vanilla Islands are six islands in the Indian Ocean that have decided to take action to develop tourism. Although most of the work is centered on the cruise market, it remains important to pay particular attention to the islands’ reputation. The better and more widely know the islands are, the more tourist numbers will increase. Thus, each of the islands has created an event to which it invites its group partners, to serve as a base for this influence strategy.

After the Seychelles Carnival, the Madagascar Tourism Fair, the Kreol Festival in Mauritius, the Métis Freedom Festival on Reunion Island and the Comoros Heritage and Culture Festival, the cycle is now complete with the Mayotte Lagoon Festival.

Inaugurated this Friday 19 July by the Prefect and the President of the Departmental Council, Soibahadine IBRAHIM RAMADANI, also President of the Vanilla Islands, this first festival puts the lagoon in the spotlight.

The aim of this event is to promote Mayotte, its cultural and natural riches and as part of the project to get the lagoon listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

According to Pascal VIROLEAU, the Director of the Vanilla Islands, “the festival is an opportunity for sharing and discovery around the theme of the sea. It is a major tourist asset for Mayotte which must be used to accentuate the island’s reputation”.

According to Soibahadine IBRAHIM RAMADANI, “Mayotte has fully embraced the Vanilla Islands project. It is making great strides in its economic and tourism development”.

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