Most Popular Meeting and Incentive Destinations around the world in 2019 and 2020 Hot List

Global DMC Partners, the largest global network of independently-owned destination management companies (DMCs) and creative event experts, today announced their 2019 Global Destination Index.

Based on data collected from nearly 7,000 meeting and incentive programs in the over 500 destinations that Global DMC Partners represents, the index presents the most popular meeting and incentive destinations around the world for 2019 and global markets that are already trending for 2020. The implications of these findings reach far beyond the travel and meeting industries, which bring millions of people, as well as jobs and dollars, to destinations around the world.

“Companies that focus on socially responsible initiatives through their events and incentives directly contribute to supporting local growth, reducing poverty, protecting the environment and promoting peace in their host destination,” explained Global DMC Partners President and CEO Catherine Chaulet. “During a time when travel is more accessible to the masses than ever before, we have a responsibility to inform and educate in order to alleviate overtourism and undertourism. The meetings and events industry must bring awareness to emerging or secondary destinations while showcasing ‘hidden gems’ within popular markets to avoid already overly toured areas.”

To compile the index, Global DMC Partners evaluated leads received from their global client base of meeting and event planners organizing meetings, conferences, incentives and business events around the world in 2019 and 2020. The data was separated into two categories, meetings and incentives, to highlight how cities attract different types of groups.

“Because our client database is global, we are able to see some surprising destinations that show up on either list or on both and provide valuable insights,” explained Chaulet. “For example, Budapest is a popular location for European meetings but also a top pick for incentive trips from the Americas.”

Top 2019 Global Destinations for Meetings & Conferences:

1. Paris
2. Copenhagen
3. Chicago
4. San Francisco
5. Budapest
6. Orlando
7. Barcelona
8. Washington, D.C.
9. Prague
10. Las Vegas

Top 2019 Global Destinations for Incentives:

1. Costa Rica
2. France
3. Bahamas
4. Italy
5. Miami
6. Budapest
7. Lisbon
8. Prague
9. Cancun
10. Aruba

2020 Meeting & Conference Destination Hot List

1. San Diego
2. Nashville
3. Singapore
4. Las Vegas
5. New Orleans
6. Tokyo
7. Washington, D.C.
8. Austin
9. Bahamas
10. Phoenix

2020 Incentive Destination Hot List

1. Greece
2. Bahamas
3. Costa Rica
4. Budapest
5. Aruba
6. Iceland
7. New York
8. Italy
9. Switzerland
10. Puerto Rico

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