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New Orleans’ Degas House named Number One Wedding Venue in Louisiana

New Orleans’ Degas House, former home of French Impressionist Master Edgar Degas, continues to charm wedding parties, garnering national attention as the top place to hold a wedding in Louisiana in the Frommer’s list of “The Best Weddings in All 50 States.”

The Historic House Museum and Bed and Breakfast is the only home or studio of the artist in the world that is open to the public and features Degas drawings, monotypes, lithographs, etchings, sculptures and reproductions as the scenic backdrop for a wedding.

Frommer’s names Degas House among some of the most prestigious venues in the United States, including the Empire State Building in New York City and the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Degas House also ranks alongside some of the nation’s most incredible natural formations, including the Grand Canyon and Utah’s Zion National Park.

“At Degas House we work tirelessly to make every wedding a truly memorable occasion, and we are proud to be honored among some of the country’s finest venues,” said Degas House Chevalier and Founder David Villarubia. “Our brides and their families and guests experience their own moment in time, against the backdrop of art history and the Impressionist Movement that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world!” Villarrubia also said, “It’s a real pleasure to work with Degas House’s professional team that understands the significance of our history and the importance of celebrating lifetime family moments, while creating the brides’ own family history within this historic family home that so influenced one of the greatest artists of all time, while living up to the high standards of our namesake, Edgar Degas. The heritage of Degas House paired with its picturesque location on one of New Orleans’ most historic avenues makes for an incredible backdrop to any bride and groom’s special day.”

The designation as Louisiana’s top wedding venue follows honors from’s “Best of Weddings” list for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

“Degas House”, a historic home and inn with a New Orleans-style courtyard, was home to French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas from 1872-1873 while he visited Creole relatives in New Orleans and is the only home or studio of the artist in the world that is open to the public. Degas painted eighteen works while residing in the home, including his first Impressionist painting and the only painting sold to a museum during his lifetime “Portraits in an Office, the New Orleans Cotton Exchange.”

The mansion now houses a museum, bed and breakfast and venue space, including parlors, gallery space and a French Quarter courtyard with fountains. Visit for more information.

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