2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar held in New Zealand with 10,000 delegates

New Zealand Hosts 10,000 Chinese Visitors for Amway China Leadership Seminar

New Zealand recently became the epicenter of a major global event – the Amway China Leadership Seminar. This significant gathering, which brought together 10,000 Chinese visitors, has not only set a new standard in tourism-led event delivery but also highlighted New Zealand’s capacity to host large-scale international events.

The Amway China Leadership Seminar, produced by Encore Event Technologies APAC, unfolded over two months, from 9 October to 5 December 2023. This meticulously planned event saw the delegation arrive in 12 waves, immersing themselves in a rich tapestry of experiences that New Zealand had to offer. The seminar was more than just a meeting of minds; it was a celebration of cultural exchange and a testament to the enduring appeal of New Zealand’s landscapes and hospitality.

Amway China Extravaganza by Encore (Auckland & Queenstown, NZ 2023) from Encore Event Technologies APAC on Vimeo.

The economic impact of this event was substantial. The visitors occupied 20,000 hotel nights in Queenstown and Auckland, infusing an estimated NZ $40 million into the local economy. This influx of visitors provided a significant boost to the tourism sector, showcasing New Zealand’s ability to accommodate and entertain a large number of international guests.

The seminar’s agenda was packed with a variety of activities. From leadership sessions and cocktail receptions to 15 gala dinners, the event was a blend of professional development and leisure. These gatherings were not just about business and networking; they were a showcase of New Zealand’s culinary, cultural, and natural splendors. The choice of New Zealand as the destination was strategic, considering its diverse landscapes, rich culture, high-quality food and wine, and adventure opportunities.

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Scott Nodsle, Encore’s Managing Director of APAC, emphasized the importance of such cultural experiences in supporting the local economy and for team building. He noted that showcasing the best of the country to professional visitors means they would carry those positive impressions back home, further enhancing New Zealand’s reputation as a premier destination for business and leisure.

The highlight of the event was the gala dinners, celebrated for their dynamic setup and the way they brought to life the spirit of Aotearoa New Zealand. Ken Pereira, Head of Auckland Convention Bureau at Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, remarked on how these evenings showcased the contemporary Māori culture, which is central to the region’s identity.

Technological innovation was at the forefront of the event, with panoramic scenes of New Zealand’s natural wonders displayed across a giant, mountain-shaped central LED. The use of snow machines, special effects, and multi-sensory interactive displays added to the grandeur of the event. The dining experience was equally impressive, with animated projected designs on each table and individual plates, changing throughout the night to reflect New Zealand-themed creative themes and Amway branded designs.

Entertainment was a blend of traditional and modern, with performances by JGEEKS, C-Pop singer Laurence Larson, and multimedia performers Vosper Tron. These acts were carefully chosen to intertwine with the event’s theme, reinforcing Amway’s values of harmony, wonder, and partnership.

Encore’s long history of organizing events for Amway, including similar trips for delegations from Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Russia, speaks to their expertise in creating transformative experiences. This event was more than just a logistical feat; it was a catalyst for change, inspiring new ideas, fostering connections, and driving positive transformation within organizations.

The success of the Amway China Leadership Seminar in New Zealand is a shining example of how events can transcend mere logistics to leave a lasting impact on attendees. It highlights the power of rewarding high performers with experiences that enrich brand allegiance and motivate teams. As New Zealand continues to open its doors to the world, events like these underscore its status as a destination capable of hosting world-class events, blending business with the unique charm and beauty of its landscapes.

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