Online Careers Fair for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Students

Online Careers Fair for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Students

An online Careers Fair for hospitality, travel and tourism students, to be held on 28th May, aims to rebuild their collective confidence after the trauma of Covid.

For those undertaking diploma and degree programmes in hospitality and tourism, lockdown has been particularly challenging. As well as their educational experience moving online, post-graduation employment opportunities have been limited, and prospects for the future remain uncertain, despite the sector now reopening. This online event (”>‘Future Careers Fair 2021’) provides an opportunity for leading employers and industry sector representative bodies e.g. The Tourism Society, to reassure graduates that their investment in education still provides them with outstanding career opportunities.

Up to 500 students will participate in the event, from universities and specialist hospitality and tourism schools in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. There are places for 30 exhibitors: employers and representative bodies seeking to connect with graduates.

The event is being co-hosted by the Oxford Cultural Collective and Representation Plus. In the words of Don Sloan, Chair of the OCC: “Our aim is to send a really positive message to students and graduates, that the future success of our sector is dependent on their contribution. Yes, these have been challenging times, but employers will welcome graduates’ commitment to building careers in hospitality and tourism and as the sector rebuilds there will be no shortage of opportunities.”

Keynote speakers at the event include Kellie Rixon MBE and Robert Richardson, both recently appointed to the Institute of Hospitality as Chair and CEO respectively; Eugenio Pirri, Chief People and Culture Office, The Dorchester Collection; and Linzi Boyd, Founder of BoB Earth. Others will be added in the coming days.

As well as having direct access to 500 enthusiastic graduates, companies who choose to participate in the Future Careers Fair 2021 will be seen as looking to the future to provide positive environments within which graduates can flourish. They will all have opportunities to communicate, in advance of the event, with a wide audience of prospective recruits.

“Due to the uncertainty graduates in our industry from 2019 to 2021 have faced through covid-19 it is our duty to reassure them that the time and money they have invested will provide them with future careers, if we don’t we risk losing our young talent from these years to other industries”, comments Alison Cryer, Founder/MD Representation Plus.

Students and graduates who would like to participate should sign up here:

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