PCMA offers Market Intelligence and Data Analytics

PCMA offers Market Intelligence and Data Analytics for the Business Events Industry

PCMA announced a unique, new product providing market intelligence and data analytics for the business events industry where professionals, organisations, hospitality providers and destination organisations can gain insights into industry trends and behaviours.

BEAM, Business Events Analytics/Metrics, was revealed at IMEX, a multi-day business events tradeshow taking place from 21-23 May 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.

“We wanted to create a unique product unlike any other in the marketplace to unleash the extraordinary power of data to advance research, identify industry trends and create predictive analytics that will guide business event professionals to make informed and strategic business decisions,” said Sherrif Karamat, CAE, president and CEO of PCMA.

BEAM was developed by PCMA in partnership with Infogroup of Dallas, Texas, a leader in big data intelligence and marketing technology. Infogroup will independently manage the data and analytics process to ensure the service meets data security and privacy standards.

“This customized analytics engine is unique as it draws information from multiple data sources to provide the business events industry with exclusive insights and capabilities to explore data,” said Robert Haas, PCMA’s Chief Administrative Officer, who is spearheading BEAM.

Destinations International, a Washington, D.C.-based international resource for destination marketing professionals, will be PCMA’s marketing partner for BEAM.

“We are thrilled to partner with PCMA on this very important product,” said Don Welsh, president and CEO of Destinations International. “This new tool will allow destination organisations to be smarter and have the ability to drive their own success.”

How it works

BEAM will provide a comprehensive view of the business events industry by leveraging a portfolio of data sources to better understand individuals, organisations and face-to-face events. The data will help predict behaviours of business events participants to help professionals deliver a more strategic, engaging and relevant experience.

The product will serve multidimensional purposes and levels of interest including:

  • Managing big data by organising large, unstructured amounts of data that reveal patterns and trends, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.
  • Events insights from all industries that participate in business events, including technology, hospitality, venues and destinations.
  • Industry insights that can be tailored to each BEAM participant’s needs.

BEAM will also provide a data-hygiene process, allowing participants to ensure their CRM data is not outdated, erroneous or redundant.

Privacy and security

Infogroup will independently manage the data and analytics process to ensure the service meets data security and privacy standards. BEAM participants will only have access to their own proprietary data. PCMA will not have access to any data portfolio other than its own. Any data intelligence or analytics generated by BEAM will not identify individual information.

Access to BEAM intelligence is granted on a 12-month rolling license. The PCMA product is in pre-sales mode and will launch later this year.

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