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Penang to host 150 Indian Business Events and Travel buyers

The Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau (PCEB) announced its latest Business Events product – the Penang International Travel Exchange (PITE), an initiative to further promote Penang as a Business Events destination.

PITE is a homegrown travel exchange that aims to position Penang as the leading Business Events destination in Asia Pacific. Each year, select buyers from around the world will be brought to Penang to experience Penang’s many experiences unfiltered. Inclusive of B2B sessions, site inspections, education workshops and networking events, PITE is the premier travel exchange in Penang.

“The first edition of PITE will see Penang hosting India’s leading travel product, the Global Panorama Showcase (GPS), where it will be conducting its first Educational Destination Workshop-International (EDWIN) in Malaysia at PITE,” said Ashwin Gunasekeran, CEO of Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau.

PITE 2018 will be held over five days, from September 4th to 8th. One of the key components of PITE is the B2B session for Malaysian Business Events and Tourism suppliers to showcase their products and services to the Indian buyers.

For interested suppliers and industry players, the registration for the B2B session is RM2,000. PCEB is also subsidizing the registration fee by RM1,500 for members of PCEB’s Industry Partner Programme in encouraging members to market their brands to one of the fastest growing outbound tourism market in the world.

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