Satchmo SummerFest

Satchmo SummerFest: Celebrating Louis Armstrong’s Musical Legacy in New Orleans

This past weekend, New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint was alive with the melodies and rhythms that Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong once introduced to the world.

The 23rd annual Satchmo SummerFest, a tribute to the jazz legend, drew in an impressive crowd of 10,000 enthusiasts, showcasing a 33% surge in attendance despite the scorching regional temperatures.

Kicking off with The Roots of Music Satchmo Salute, the festival’s atmosphere was electrifying. Fans from all walks of life gathered, tapping their feet and swaying to the tunes of Kid Merv and All That Jazz, 79rs Gang, Rebirth Brass Band, and many more. An intriguing addition this year was the Piano Sessions by New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, featuring talented pianists like Sam Kuslan.

One of the event’s highlights was the Jazz Mass at St. Augustine Church, a tradition rooted deep in the festival’s history. Post the mass, the streets buzzed with the Satchmo Salute Parade, an embodiment of vibrant local culture with its myriad colors, distinctive suits, parasols, and the invigorating brass band melodies.

Not just a musical fest, attendees were also treated to enthralling presentations about Armstrong’s life, including a unique display of instruments that had once played alongside him.

Beating the heat was made easier with the new Chill at the Fest initiative, providing shade, misting fans, and an array of refreshing treats and beverages. Culinary stalls saw a business boom, with vendors expressing gratitude and surprise at the increased sales despite the soaring temperatures.

Fans, both old and new, can look forward to the next Satchmo SummerFest, scheduled for August 3-4, 2024. As excitement builds for this iconic event celebrating the life and music of Louis Armstrong, fans are encouraged to book their hotel accommodations in New Orleans soon to secure the best options. For those seeking the latest in hospitality, explore the diverse array of new hotels in New Orleans, offering modern amenities and unique experiences to enhance your stay in the vibrant city. Discover more about these new offerings in this article about the latest hotel openings in New Orleans.

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