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Seville Secures Routes Europe 2025


Seville, Spain, has been chosen as the host city for the Routes Europe 2025 conference. The announcement, made at the World Travel Market on November 6, sets the stage for the Andalusian capital to welcome the prestigious event from April 7th to 9th, 2025.

Routes Europe, the leading aviation route development forum in the region, will be hosted by The Regional Ministry for Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Government of Andalucia. This event is expected to bring together top decision-makers from Europe’s foremost and rapidly expanding airlines, highlighting Seville’s role as a burgeoning hub for tourism innovation.

Seville’s strategic approach to integrating infrastructure with public and private initiatives has earned it recognition as a pioneer in tourism. The city’s Sevilla Airport, serving 75 destinations via 20 airlines, stands as a testament to its flourishing tourism sector. The focus on sustainable tourism and market diversification has enabled Seville to address the challenges of seasonal tourism effectively.

The event is not just a meeting ground but a catalyst for growth, with over half of the new air routes in the region being a direct result of discussions at Routes Europe. The 2025 edition is set to attract VPs and Heads of Network Planning from 90 leading European carriers, making it a pivotal platform for shaping the future of air services in the region.

Nico Spyrou, Senior Business Development Manager at Routes, expressed excitement over Seville hosting the 18th edition of Routes Europe, citing the competitive selection process and the city’s significant infrastructure investments. According to Spyrou, such events have historically boosted host destination airport networks by approximately 6.9% more than their counterparts within three years.

Juan Manuel Moreno, President of Andalucía, highlighted Seville’s international acclaim in the aerospace sector, housing giants like Airbus and the Aerospace Technology Park (Aeropolis). He emphasized the airport’s growth as crucial for enhancing both domestic and international connectivity in Andalusia.

Arturo Bernal, Regional Minister for Tourism, sees Routes Europe 2025 as a showcase for Andalusia’s potential, supported by various national, regional, and local bodies in Spain. The collective support is poised to make this edition of Routes Europe an unparalleled success.

As Seville prepares to host Routes Europe 2025, the city is poised to demonstrate its innovative projects and capacity for growth, further cementing its position as a leader in the global tourism and aviation landscape.

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