Singapore Hosts IFES World Summit in June 2023

With the International Federation of Exhibition and Events Services (IFES) poised to increase membership, particularly in under-represented regions, the choice of Singapore as the host destination for the 24th edition of the IFES World Summit in June 2023 is significant in many ways.

Alongside the all-important face-to-face networking sessions, this year’s event boasts a compelling content program with insights from some of the region’s top speakers. This year’s focus is on trends and developments in Asia, with focus on Australia, China, India and South-East-Asia, as well as the impact of sustainability on the Exhibitions and Events industry from a global perspective.

Generating local business

Aptly themed “Expanding Horizons”, this reunion of the IFES “family” in Asia offers its members the advantage to personally explore what this remarkable destination and its industry professionals have to offer. This Summit meets the need to broaden horizons via an enlightening “deep-dive” into the Asian market, with the aim of understanding this valuable market’s growth prospects and potential for our IFES community.

The 3-day event also provides opportunities for local and regional service providers to experience the advantages of the IFES Global Network and to connect with international partners to extend each other’s capabilities.

Work Local, Globally

The IFES ethos enables its members to “work local, globally” by creating partnerships with trusted partners across the globe who deliver international jobs to the same stringent standards on each other’s behalf anywhere in the world. This uniquely sustainable way of working removes much of the travel and transport requirements; it also reduces environmental impact, carbon footprint, and costs.

Combining fresh ideas with long-established expertise

A core focus of every IFES World Summit is the longevity of the Exhibition and Events Industry in general, and of the association in particular. This year’s event marks the first initiative, led by the IFES Talent Team (ITT), to intentionally target the younger generation by discounting attendance fees. ITT is a group of younger (under 40s) industry players who have created a solutions-driven hub for knowledge sharing, collaboration and brainstorming. By opening the event up to significant representation by the next generation of industry players, IFES hopes to combine fresh ideas with long-established IFES expertise to take the association forward.

With approximately a third of 2023’s current registered attendees under 40 years old, the intention to enhance community building, bolster succession and broaden the IFES outlook is set to realise its potential, and more.

Advancing Sustainability

As a leader in green urban development – a city in nature, where digitalisation and technological advancement pave the way to significantly reducing CO2 emissions and waste production, Singapore is an ideal destination to further IFES’ sustainability agendas. The association is a “first-mover” in terms of sustainability, appointing an internal Sustainability Committee to drive knowledge-sharing amongst members and assist members on their sustainability journeys. The annual World Summit provides an ideal platform for reporting progress and proposing subsequent initiatives.

2023-24 will see IFES looking to Asian markets to expand its horizons. This World Summit anticipates a significant international gathering designed to promote the sharing of ideas, strengthening of relationships and advancing business opportunities in Singapore.

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