TCEB announces TIME 2019

TCEB announces Thailand Incentive and Meeting Exchange 2019 under the Togetherness concept

Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) together with Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA) and SITE Thailand Chapter joined hands with leading business partners representing Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and BMW (Thailand) to hold the mega event ‘Thailand Incentive and Meeting Exchange 2019’ or ‘TIME 2019’ during 10-15 June 2019.

Having continued for four consecutive years, the event expects to serve as the arena that delivers international experiences that contribute to the expansion of meetings and incentives businesses of Thailand. TIME 2019 will unveil new opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs to initiate business negotiation and to expand their horizon to fresh and creative marketing styles with their target buyers. This year, our concentration is the ASEAN+6, which is Thailand’s main meetings and incentives market.

Statistically, the number of MICE travelers in meetings and incentives categories in the first half of Fiscal Year 2019 amounted to 348,645 or equivalent of 58% of overall international MICE market. These visitors were able to generate an approximate revenue of 25,727 million baht into Thailand, which accounted for 57% of total revenue generated by MICE. Additionally, compared to the Half Fiscal Year 2018, the proportion of MICE travelers in meetings and incentives categories of ASEAN+6 countries amounted to 86.96% with the number of travelers of 303,182 representing a 23.70% growth.

“With the direction of growth in MICE travelers in meetings and incentives categories of ASEAN+6 countries, TCEB has joined hands with our partners to hold ‘TIME 2019’ under the Togetherness concept. Basing on integrated joint efforts made domestically, new opportunities will emerge and expand to regional collaboration. Our strategy clings much on Asian culture, which generally values companionship and amusement that lead to the business relationship within the region. To achieve this, the holding of well-planned activities and MICE events in Thailand is thus a meaningful tool. As the core strategy is coherent with the role of TCEB as a thought leader, joint creator, business co-operator and networking alliance, TCEB is going full speed ahead to drive Thai MICE towards becoming one of the key businesses that generate major part of revenue for Thailand and contributes to economic expansion of our country.” said Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of TCEB.

‘TIME 2019’ comprises 3 main elements. First, the Knowledge Exchange that features participatory seminars between Thai MICE entrepreneurs as sellers and target buyers from the ASEAN+6 countries, which may gather over 250 attendees. The talks involve 3 topics as follows: “Getting buyers attention at the point of inquiry”, “The art of negotiation that closes the deal” and “The after-sales service that makes events successful”.   

Second, the Business Exchange that provides opportunities for 40 Thai MICE entrepreneurs as sellers to initiate business negotiation with 40 target buyers from the ASEAN+6 countries. In addition, special sessions will be held to allow buyers and sellers to learn about each other through Networking and Be My Dinner Date. Knowledge Exchange and Business Exchange will be held on 11 June 2019 at Conrad Bangkok Hotel.

TIME 2019 Day1

Third, the Experience Exchange will feature activity-based events that allow target buyers to experience local culture at Phuket and Phang Nga during 12-15 June 2019. Attendees will learn about the way of life and the unique identity of Phuket and Phang Nga towns through different activities. For example, a CSR activity at a fisherman’s village in Phang Nga and bonding activities on a yacht. Sampling reception in various forms will be demonstrated to create the motivation for meetings and incentives groups of travelers to choose Thailand as their destination.

Further, TCEB will hold the “TIME to MEET” particularly to support customers who attend TIME 2019. Companies with meetings and incentives travelers of 50 people or more, with a stay in Thailand of at least 3 nights, will receive up to 500-baht subsidy per one traveler or 500,000 baht per group. There are also other forms of support, such as souvenirs, traditional Thai welcome ceremony, immigration priority lane or MICE Lane for VIPs, and so on.

“Additionally, there is the “M & I Reward” campaign for customers who have held meetings and incentives events for Thailand for at least 3 times a year. Hoping to motivate these regular customers to choose Thailand for their future events, support will come in the form of subsidy of up to 2,000,000 baht, according to the terms and conditions.” explained Mr. Chiruit.

Mr. Tawatchai Gittisriboongul, Director – Global Accounts Management Department, Thai Airways International Public Co., ltd., disclosed that “Having realized the importance and potential of MICE travelers, which have continued to multiply, Thai Airways established the MICE Department to specifically cater to the needs of MICE segment. The company has provided support to the operations and events held by TCEB in a consistent manner. For 4 years in a row, TIME is one of the events that Thai Airways has joined hands with TCEB as a strategic partner to implement our ultimate goal to leverage meetings and incentives businesses in Thailand. We are confident that our operating flights will be sufficient to serve ASEAN travelers, as well as those from China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, and New Zealand, as Thai Airways has multiple destinations within certain countries, such as China, Japan, India and Australia. Further, there are also flights operated by Thai Smile Airways and Star Alliance members.”

Ms. Plernpis Kosolutasarn, Director – Marketing Promotion, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited, said, “As an airline originated in Thailand, Bangkok Airways is highly pleased to be a part to support growth and advancement of Thailand’s MICE. Year after year, we have joined TCEB in implementing the government’s policy together. This year, we have witnessed satisfactory results of the Fly and Meet Double Bonus – Redefined, which is the campaign designed to tap into corporate markets in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam or CLMV, as we found the campaign has successfully stirred the interest of these targets to visit Thailand for meetings and incentives purposes. Bangkok Airways is glad to have noticed growth in terms of the volume of passengers from CLMV countries.”

Mr. Sethipong Anutarasoti, General Manager – Marketing, BMW Thailand, mentioned, “We have recognized the expansion of MICE industry in Thailand through our continuing operations with many partners as we lent support in events and marketing activities to let attendees experience all-round luxurious rides with BMW. BMW Thailand is delighted to be a part that helps to create business opportunities for entrepreneurs to bolster MICE businesses and the Thai economy to soar on a global scale. In this occasion, we have provided a troop of 20 lavish vehicles, comprising BMW Series 5 and Series 7 to serve as a complimentary premium shuttle for partners joining in the TIME 2019. The arrangement is offering them chances to fully experience a pleasant ride on a BMW.”

It is expected that TIME 2019 will attract over 2,000 travelers from meetings and incentives segments, which can generate up to 152 million baht of revenue. TCEB is confident that the event will enable the number of overall MICE travelers to reach 1,320,000 bringing 100,500 million baht of revenue into the country by 2019 and consistent growth in 2020.

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