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The Biggest Indoor Boxing Venues in the UK

The United States and the United Kingdom have long been the biggest players in the professional boxing scene. The two nations host title bouts every single year, without fail.

In recent times, the sport has begun to branch out further across Europe, and even into the Arabian peninsula. However, the two transatlantic nations still regularly welcome some of the world’s biggest names to fight on their lands.

The US’ greatest arenas are well known – they include iconic venues like Madison Square Garden in New York City. The UK’s biggest venues, however, aren’t acclaimed to quite the same extent worldwide, despite offering some of the highest capacities of any indoor arena across the globe.

We explore Manchester and London’s unique statuses as home to some of the greatest locations in the world of boxing.

Manchester Arena

Manchester Arena, also known as the AO Arena, boasts the highest capacity of any facility of its kind in the UK with 21,000 seats. Historically, fighters like Amir Khan, Mike Tyson, and George Groves have fought at the venue.


Shortly, the AO Arena is set to host one of the most anticipated fights of 2023 between Tommy Fury and KSI. According to the outright Tommy Fury vs KSI odds, the former is a massive favorite to win the bout and is currently offered at -350. A win would allow him to follow his brother Tyson Fury’s footsteps in winning in their hometown.

Besides Fury and KSI, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis will also fight it out at the double headline Misfits event.

It’s incredibly promising that the arena is hosting a boxing promotion group that is rapidly on the rise. The profile of the events hosted by Misfits is unparalleled, usually due to the hugely marketable online stars featured.

While the AO Arena still occasionally hosts some of the most significant fights in the sports, it’s starting to miss out due to the opportunities that have come calling for fighters, over in Saudi Arabia.

Manchester Arena is arguably up there among the most spectacular in the UK, and it’s important that it continues to be a regular setting of entertaining action from the world of boxing. After all, it can cater to more spectators than all but four other locations around Europe.

The O2 Arena

The O2 Arena in London only slightly lacks in capacity compared to the Manchester venue, as it has 20,000 seats.

The facility has regularly offered some of the biggest boxing fights since it began hosting sporting occasions in 2007. Its very first fight was the Commonwealth Lightweight title bout between Amir Khan and Willie Limond.

The unique dome-shaped sporting venue has gone on to host some of the most legendary British fighters like David Haye, Carl Froch, and Groves. It’s clear that the venue pales in comparison to Manchester Arena in that it hasn’t hosted anywhere near the same amount of prolific fighters, but it’s still one of the most important locations in British boxing.


Manchester Arena is certainly the home of boxing in the UK. It has regularly hosted crucial title fights and has welcomed some of the greatest fighters since the origins of the sport. The O2 Arena is, of course, also impressive, and no other arena compares to it beyond its superior in the North West.

When it comes to boxing in the UK these two locations are the place to be, and they can rival any indoor venue in the entire world.

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