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The new Hyatt Wellbeing Ideation Labs Explore Ways To Enhance Wellbeing

Hyatt Hotels Corporation launched ‘Hyatt Wellbeing Ideation Labs’, a new series designed to bring together industry experts to explore ways to better enhance the day-to-day wellbeing for guests, colleagues and customers.

During the inaugural Wellbeing Ideation Lab, led by Hyatt’s Global Head of Wellbeing Mia Kyricos, the group identified new ways to evolve the meeting product for Hyatt’s customers, working with top Fortune 500 companies to improve their future meetings.

“Wellbeing is a priority for many of Hyatt’s customers and we understand the importance of integrating wellness into meetings in a way that is meaningful for attendees and facilitates more productive sessions,” said Asad Ahmed, senior vice president, global sales – Hyatt Sales Force. “The customer voice is essential in discussions about how attendee health and wellness elevates meetings and ensures that future developments at Hyatt not only meet customer needs, but add value to overall meeting outcomes.”

During a pilot conducted by Hyatt’s innovation team in 2018, a few wellbeing meeting experience concepts were tested. Hyatt uncovered how imperative many different aspects of wellness are within this segment. With key learnings from the pilot and the first Wellbeing Ideation Lab, Hyatt plans to further explore the intersection of wellbeing and meetings to enhance future offerings for customers and attendees alike.

Within the first Wellbeing Ideation Lab, various wellbeing touchpoints were infused into the day in order to showcase the many benefits of being “well,” which in turn, made the sessions more productive. From offering various breaks throughout the day, to serving high quality, nourishing food and beverage options, and performing brainstorm exercises that incorporated motion and mindfulness, attendees were cared for so they could perform at their best. As a result, the group uncovered a vast whitespace that exists within the overall meeting journey to positively impact the health and wellness of future meetings, which may ultimately increase productivity.

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Renee Moorefield PhD, MCC, E-RYT at Wisdom Works Group, moderated the group, which consisted of industry leaders including:

Jennifer McKeon, Vice President Client Engagement at The Energy Project
Steven Okuley Director, Customer Engagement & Communication at American Airlines
Pamela Ornstein, Manager Meeting Sourcing at Deloitte
Elisabeth Halfpapp, EVP and Founding Senior Teacher Trainer at Exhale
Amanda Carlson Phillips, MS, RD, CSSD, VP, Strategic Partnerships and Insights at EXOS
Simon Marxer, Director of Spa and Wellbeing at Miraval Resorts

“We believe wellbeing is the ultimate expression of our purpose – to care for people so they can be their best,” said Mia Kyricos, senior vice president, global head of wellbeing at Hyatt. “When it comes to our core meeting customers, we really do see them as an extension of our Hyatt family, and therefore understand it is just as important to place their wellbeing at the heart of our business model as it is for our guests and colleagues.”

Beyond the meeting space, Hyatt plans to prioritize its efforts to invest in wellness related products, services and initiatives across its portfolio of 19 brands, all guided by what the company calls it’s Landmarks of Wellbeing including:

FEEL: How you feel, or your emotional and mental wellbeing;
FUEL: How you fuel your body through things like food, nutrition and sleep; and
FUNCTION: How you physically move and function at work, in life and at play.

Through the new Wellbeing Ideation Lab series, Hyatt plans to continue to bring its Landmarks of Wellbeing to life, and will continue to tap into industry experts to explore new guest-centric strategies designed to positively impact how colleagues, guests and customers feel, fuel and function in and outside of hotel stays.

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