Tianguis Turístico 2020

Tianguis Turístico Moves to 2021, Additionally New Digital Tianguis Turístico Launches

The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marques, announced that the 45th edition of the Tianguis Turístico scheduled to take place in Merida, will be held in March 2021.

 will also be showcased on a new stage with the launch of the first Digital Tianguis Turístico, which will take place in September of this year.

Secretary Torruco Marques emphasized that due to Covid-19 the country has faced an unprecedented situation in modern history that affects everyone and has had serious repercussions in various areas. Beyond the health sector, the crisis has impacted all productive sectors, including tourism, a solid engine for development and prosperity.

As a result, the Ministry of Tourism has developed a series of strategies and actions aimed at reactivating this important industry.

“As a result of a long and careful process of analysis by the Organizing Committee and of a consensus with leaders and key actors from the tourism industry, today we announce that the 45th edition of  Tianguis Turístico has evolved into a new format in response to the new reality imposed by the global crisis of Covid-19. It has transformed into an innovative event with both a digital component and a live, in-person version that will be held on different dates,” he said.

The head of Sectur added that for the first time in its history, the most important tourism event in Mexico will update its format to meet six objectives:

  • Protect the health of all Mexicans and participants of Tianguis Turístico.
  • Promptly reactivate tourism in the country.
  • Empathize and support an industry that has been financially affected.
  • Further evolve and innovate Tianguis Turistico, in alignment with the latest trends in the meetings segment.
  • To be an edition of Tianguis Turístico that is inclusive, a first for the show.
  • The continuation of an event that belongs to all of us, one that we should preserve as an important institution that represents us all.

“These are the objectives we will seek to meet, therefore, we introduce the first Digital Tianguis Turístico in September, which will culminate at the 45th edition of the Tianguis Turístico in the state of Yucatán, from March 21 to 24, 2021,” he said.

Secretary Torruco Marques informed that the details of this renewed Tianguis Turístico and the changes it implies will be announced in a timely manner at a press conference in the coming months, once the critical phase of this health crisis has concluded. In addition to this, Sectur will continue to develop strategies and actions such as the second edition of the Tianguis Turístico de Pueblos Mágicos 2020, which will take place in the city of San Luis Potosí from November 26 to 29. He added that this meeting seeks to promote the tourism packages of the 121 Magical Towns of the country, consolidating it as an engine to boost domestic tourism and the reactivation of the tourism value chain, especially as it is expected that road trips and visits to nearby places will be the first to be considered travelers.

He reiterated that though these are challenging times, he is confident that the national tourism industry will move forward as a united and solid industry that it is. He also invited the entire tourism sector of the country to join forces for Mexico and for the Tianguis Turistico, which today is evolving for the benefit of a great industry.

“I want to recognize the Yucatan state government, led by my good friend Mauricio Vila Dosal, for the effort and investment they have dedicated to organize the 45th edition of Tianguis Turistico that has now been rescheduled for March 21-24, 2021 in Merida,” he added.

“The state of Yucatan has made a significant investment to expand and modernize its Convention Center, not only complying with the requirements to be named host city, but also elevating itself to be among the top destinations for Congress and Conventions.”

“I also want to commend my friend Hector Astudillo, governor of the state of Guerrero, for his generosity, sensibility, solidarity and the support he has shown in the face of the difficult situation the Mexican tourism industry is going through,” Secretary Torruco concluded.

Yucatan Governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal said, “Today, no one can be certain of the impact the crisis has had on the global tourism industry. What we do know with certainty is that we will need timely, innovative and effective management to reactivate the tourism industry in the country, particularly for states like Yucatan that have a strategic and valuable tourism offering.

This is why, and in line with the remarks of Secretary Miguel Torruco, we reinforce that Yucatan and Mexico’s tourism industry deserves a Tianguis that will live up to the new circumstances, with an innovative approach that will allow us to relaunch in a more competitive and strategic way to the scenarios the new world economy present, particularly the new global tourism that will emerge.

We see the economic crisis the world is going through is changing many things, but we also believe this is an opportunity to reinvent tourism. There is no time to waste. Therefore, we will launch Tianguis via two venues: a digital platform in September and one in-person in Yucatan in March of 2021.

Tianguis 360 aims to strategically reactive our industry so we can send a strong message to Mexico and the world in September that we are resuming our agenda and propelling our tourism offering with even more strength, so that come March of 2021 we can give our plans and strategies continuity when we meet again in Yucatan in person.

I know the members of Yucatan’s tourism industry well and I am confident we will pull through. This is why we will innovate with the new version of Digital Tianguis Turistico in September and we will use all of our organizational and innovation capabilities, adding to the distinctive leadership of the tourism companies during this complex situation. Yucatan accepts the challenge of successfully organizing the first Tianguis Turistico 360, an event that can aptly address the needs and possibilities of an industry eager to be supported and in need of an economic reactivation strategy in this new reality.

We are ready to meet again and get to work, both in the digital version in September and in person in March of 2021, when it will be our pleasure to host you, and together we will begin a new chapter in the history of tourism, the development of our state and our country, working hand-in-hand to overcome this together.”

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