Tourism Toronto issues Six priorities for Place to maximize the tourism opportunity

Tourism Toronto issues Six priorities for Ontario Place to maximize the tourism opportunity

Tourism Toronto is issuing a ‘Tourism Test’ for Ontario Place – six priorities from a tourism perspective that are essential for the redevelopment of the waterfront lands.

The test aims to ensure that the tourism opportunity is a central consideration as development options for Ontario Place are evaluated.

The Tourism Test comes at a time where tourism in Toronto is seeing record numbers with 44 million visitors and $9 billion in visitor spending annually.     

“Ontario Place is clearly one of the most important opportunities in Toronto to create something truly new and compelling that will attract new visitors from around the world,” said Andrew Weir, Executive Vice President, Destination Development at Tourism Toronto. “The Government of Ontario has begun a process to seek ideas for Ontario Place’s future and we are bringing a tourism lens and expertise to that discussion.”  

The “Tourism Test” consists of six fundamental elements that are key to delivering an exceptional visitor experience:


The redevelopment must result in a compelling new experience that compliments Toronto’s existing attractions and gives visitors a new reason to travel to the city. This is an opportunity to create a signature visual icon, recognized around the world that travellers must see for themselves.  


Toronto is a destination with four distinct seasons, all with potential to appeal to visitors. Redevelopment must ensure the attractions and offerings are accessible and animated throughout the year, as well as weekends and weekdays, day and night.


Ontario Place is and must remain a waterfront destination, showcasing one of Toronto’s greatest tourism assets – Lake Ontario. New development and attractions must complement the waterfront setting and ensure ample public access to the parks and waterfront.


Ontario Place features unique examples of modernist architecture in the Cinesphere and pavilion pods. Tourism is built upon unique experiences and these iconic buildings must be preserved and integrated in the redevelopment.


Accessibility is vital to maximizing the visitor opportunity. For residents and visitors, redevelopment must include direct transit connectivity, parking, cycling infrastructure and also loading accommodations for shows and events.


The Ontario Place opportunity is intrinsically linked with the adjacent Exhibition Place, featuring major sport, conference and event venues. Redevelopment must be planned together with further development of Exhibition Place to maximize transit and infrastructure investment and create an exciting combined campus for events and experiences.   

Ontario Place 6 priorities

“For the new development to be not only viable but successful, it will need to tap into Toronto’s surging tourism market and the 44 million people that visit the city each year,” said Weir. “Tourism Toronto and the tourism business community are committed to working with the City, the Province and other stakeholders to realize an exciting new experience at Ontario Place and ultimately to invite travellers from around the world to come see it for themselves.”

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