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Tunisia to host the 4th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and the Media

Building stronger partnerships between tourism destinations and the media will be the topic of the 4th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and the Media, to be hosted in Tunisia on 12-13 November 2015. The conference is organized with the support of CNN International and counts on the participation of key media and tourism sector representatives.

The initiative aims to bridge the gap between tourism authorities and the media community and to reflect on how to better communicate in critical circumstances. The key note speech will be delivered by Jim Bittermann, CNN Senior European Correspondent.

“Working alongside the media and facilitating their access to information is highly important for destinations worldwide”, said Mr. Rifai. “Together with the Tunisian Government, I trust that this event will help us advance stronger media partnerships in tourism”, he added.

“The objectives of the Tunisian government are clear; we want to make of our country a leading destination in the international scene. The image of Tunisia is that of a country with 3.000 years of history; a country which has been at the crossroads of many civilizations and which have shaped our people; a people known for its openness, tolerance, warmth and hospitality” said Minister Elloumi Rekik.

The ‘Tourism and the Media’ Conference series constitute a major initiative and reflect the commitment of UNWTO to engage with the media community worldwide. Previous conferences were held in Croatia, Egypt and Portugal and addressed topics such as ‘Tourism in the Headlines’, ‘Partnering with the Media in challenging times’ and ‘How the media is shaping the news’.

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